Sunday, January 6, 2019


I've come to a startling conclusion about humanity: we are AFRAID.

We let this fear run our lives, in turn, filtering into all aspects of our lives, including our workplace, friendships and romantic interactions.

What are we afraid of? Well, being NAKED, of course. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, I'm not talking of the "clothing optional" factor. No, I'm touching on the fact that so many of us put up walls, don a mask and put on a show for the world. We are scared to death that someone might  find out who we REALLY are underneath those layers and layers of conditioning that our parents, boss, peers,co-workers, friends or colleagues placed on us. So we cover up with makeup, hairstyles, designer clothing, labels, or facade that hides our true spirit, so NO ONE gets to know the real US.

Do you know how painful it is to carry that burden around your whole life? It's EXCRUCIATING, to bear the weight of the FALSE SELF and the baggage that comes with it.

"If you really KNEW me and saw the REAL ME, you wouldn't really like me," we tell ourselves.

We fear being VULNERABLE and letting someone in, because once they come in, they also have the chance to hurt us or leave us. But that's the risk we must take to feel authentic connection. We must risk our hearts in order to find the best match for us.

What a shame that we hide the real person, when in reality someone out there is dying to find us. There is a man or woman searching for YOU right now...Yes, YOU!! They've written a WANT AD to the Universe, and everything on that list matches what you have to offer them.

But fearfully,  you sit there hiding behind the walls you've built around yourself like a stone fortress, not letting anybody in. What is your pay-off? What does it profit you? To hide the beautiful person you are, that someone is desperate to know and love.

I learned long ago that VULNERABILITY is my superpower. When I really assessed myself, tore down the walls, let others see THE REAL ME...that's when the magic began to happen. People CONNECTED with me, REALLY connected. They let their walls down, too. Suddenly, they were comfortable in their own skin and the fact that they could show up AS THEY ARE. No front or facade needed. No one is perfect. We all have flaws, cracks, blemishes we don't like about ourselves. Ah, but that's where our true beauty lies. In those cracks and flaws. The things we hate about ourselves, others find charming, cute or quirky. Guess what? They want MORE of it!!

So, please stop hiding yourself. Is your laugh funny? Loud and boisterous...or an awkward squeal? Let it out. Do you have freckles you hide under concealer? Show them once in a while. Those love handles you cover up and act ashamed over...who cares? We all have imperfections. This isn't the Victoria's Secret Runway Show...this is REAL LIFE. It's where real people and real problems happen everyday.

Next time you meet someone new...maybe someone you really like...try being real with them. Wait and see what happens. I'll bet 100% they will love you for it. Let's share ourselves with the world. After all, you are a gift. No other person will ever match you, never again in this life. The mold was broken when you arrived. That's the beauty of it.

Stay open, stay vulnerable. Let people see you for who you really are.

Cheering for you always,

RR xo

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