Monday, September 12, 2022

TRUST YOURSELF: When All Else Fails, You Can Trust The One Who Knows You Infinitely

 Dear Readers,

I noticed a flashback pop up on my FB tonight, and it was from Sept. 11, 2018. The comment I wrote beside my pic (featured above) was "Today I choose ME. I trust myself." This memory emerging on my page could not come at a better time, after the trainwreck that 2022 has been for me. Oh boy!

But first, back to 2018 for a minute. What a year that was! I landed a full time position at a seniors home, which later in November 2018 brought me the sweetest, most endearing couple, George and Mildred, who sparked inspiration for one of my books. I campaigned with a friend who won a seat on city council, and went to his victory party to celebrate. That was a proud moment, to witness a wonderful human being achieve a worthy dream. I went to a few concerts and enjoyed myself. I published The Christmas Keys. Beautiful memory. My "Hallmark" Christmas love story, I like to call it.

That quote about "choosing me and trusting myself" really hits home right now. I had an unsavory summer and got my heart broken badly. So tonight, I am paying homage to myself for draggin my body out of the pit and learning to make life "normal" again. Not sure if I can after what I've been through, but here goes...

"Today, I choose Me. I TRUST myself. I love myself. There's no one who has a more intimate relationship with me than ME. In this crazy world of commercialism and superficial scams, it's easy to get sucked into beLIEfs that we are not good enough, not smart enough, not hot enough, not sexy enough, not rich enough, etc etc. But here in this moment, I choose me. Because the last person did NOT choose me. They chose instead a career or someone else they deemed more special than me. That's fine. I'm good.  I don't need their validation to make me feel worthy. The only one I need to validate me with is ME. At the end of the day, I know in my heart I did my BEST. I am loved. I am worthy. I AM ENOUGH. In this skin, yes I am enough."

How many times have you let fear and self-doubt creep into your thoughts? When you let that ugly, traitorous voice in your head lie to you about how amazing and capable you really are? Well, stop it. You are a force to be reckoned with. Yes, YOU are unstoppable. Remember all the times you struggled and thought you'd never make it through, yet here you are! Succeeding in spite of it all. 

It's time to give yourself more credit, to trust your instincts, to behold the genius that you are. Which includes embracing your messy parts, and the shadow self you judge, the aspect of you that holds perhaps all your magic and hidden talents. Being human is never a bad thing; it's the components of all that you are and all that you will ever be.

So stop second-guessing yourself and thinking that you are not enough. You are divine. You are a STAR shining your light in this messed up world. That is amazing. That is all you need to be. You have arrived. The world needs you. 

Cheering for you always,

RR xo

Sunday, September 4, 2022


 Dear Readers,

It has been said by the great writer of our time, Louise Hay, who is now dearly departed but lives on in our hearts and her ample library of self help writings and new age awareness:

"When you don't know what else to do, focus on love. Loving yourself makes you feel good, and good health is really about feeling good." 

This past year, I've hit a personal crisis. Mental health and emotional health. I lost a job that meant a lot to me. A job working with seniors at a retirement home. I was targeted, bullied and harrassed by management over my bad knee. From February 2021 during my first diagnosis over x-ray of osteoarthritis in the knee, to limping on the job in March and April, to getting a cortisone shot that helped me for three months and then the subsequent pain and limping that followed in September (once that shot had worn off in July), I was targeted by management for my "disability." 

November brought a knee sprain diagnosis, running around a dining hall serving meals to seniors. Two weeks off work, a WSIB claim, and management spreading lies and rumors about me through the building ("it's not a tear, you can't use that language in your insurance paperwork," the nasty, control freak business director screamed at me on the phone. "These agents don't want to pay out the money. I've dealt with these people for a long time, I know my stuff." She went on to brag that her "daughter is a soccer star in Spain, and she tore a ligament and needed surgery." Comparing MY injury to her daughter's? Then invalidating me and shaming me without having the final word from my MRI? How atrocious and appalling, not to mention, completely out of line from a Human Resources point of view. In the end, my agent at WSIB was more than accommodating with all my paperwork, doctor visits and backbiting with staff. He happily refunded every penny to me that was lost on two weeks worth of wages, while being sidelined at home.

I was wait-listed three and a half months for the MRI, from the November booking til the March appointment. To add insult to injury,  a maintenance guy at work got in my face and yelled at me over a broken vacuum (not my fault). He shouted: "you're just lazy and full of shit. All you want is to go off on another insurance claim." This could not be further from the truth. I'd just had an MRI at the hospital on March 1st, and the results came in March 30th, via my booked follow-up appointment with my surgeon. It was a meniscus tear under the knee cap. But the buffoons at the seniors home did not wait to hear back from my MRI results. The manager fired me March 15th and I was devastated.

My work at the retirement home was one filled with love, and I poured that love into every day I spent there, four and a half years of it. The seniors were my "family," and our mutual affection and respect for one another was felt deeply. When job loss occurs, there is a strong mental, emotional and physical downfall that happens. First, the shock that it happened at all. Second, the depression over losing my community and sense of self. Third, social life is nonexistent, and you now have a life that you do not recognize that is waiting at home. It was a bitter pill to swallow, and I would spend the next number of months in deep sorrow, gloom and self punishment. When the first week of August hit, I dragged myself out of bed one sunny afternoon and dusted off the exercise bike that was sitting there being neglected. My first ride was 12 km and 30 minutes clocked. Then, I worked my way up to 16 km and then 18 km for 44 minutes in a session. Four times a week, I forced myself on that bike. "Rochelle, you've got to get yourself out of this slump, or you'll be good for no one. Not even for yourself," my inner critic chided.

Suddenly, I had perspective. I also had something that I'd lost with the job dismissal; MEANING.

As with anything that leaves our life, we have to find our way back to the meaningful part. I attached MEANING now to my daily routine. It was not just getting out of bed at noon (because, what else was there to look forward to?) but it was also the fact that I had an exercise routine. I had my coffee, my oatmeal, and my Tetley lemon tea and three liters of water per day. Get the muscles moving, release those positive endorphins, change my mindset, stop beating myself up, don't be so glum.

To add to the mix of sorrow, the man I love had distanced himself from me over a misunderstanding when a "frenemy" of mine phoned up the funeral home behind my back and badgered my Special Person with demands that he" take Rochelle out to dinner or give it up with


I'd waited 11 months for this beautiful man to come back from the west coast where he lived, and have a wonderful reunion of souls this summer in Southern Ontario, just east of Toronto, while he split his time between the cottage up north and his sister's place, a 10-minute drive from me. Well, after that frenemy sabotaged my Specific Person and me, it was game over. He broke my heart by saying he "didn't want a relationship, I hope you find what you're looking for, I wish you well." I picked up the phone to explain everything and try to tell him my side, but he refused to answer. He ghosted me after that, and I spiralled down into a deep depression for months. This is a man in his '60s who was raised by a good father and mother, and knew better than to lead me on this way. He also has serious health issues that might require surgery down the road, and he'd endured a heart surgery in October 2020, so the drama from that traitorous ex-friend of mine just seemed to be the "nail in the coffin" for us. He won't speak to me.

My heart is shattered beyond repair at the ghastly and devious events that have transpired this year. It has been an awakening that has gutted me, in so many ways, and I have felt paralyzed with the depths of sorrow and heartache. My Specific Person means the world to me; he inspired three of my books, he has seen me through the hardest times of this past year (getting Covid, knee injury, bullied at work, losing the job). He was also my biggest cheerleader when the first book in the "Love Walked In" series was released in July 2021. To put it bluntly, he is my soulmate and I love him with the magnitude of an earthquake and the force of a tsunami. His arrival to my life on Nov 9th, 2018 forever transformed me, and I can't feel anything but massive love and compassion for this incredible man. To say my heart is brimming with devotion for him would be a huge understatement; my heart belongs to him. I don't want to do this life without him. I mean that. 

Back to the "feeling good" part. It was surely a process, and a long journey back to self, indeed. After getting my heart broken and losing the job, my new life is now about caring for my bad knee, updating this blog, seeking a job, and healing my brokenness. Yes, this is the "new normal."

I have every faith that my Special Person will return. He is taking a break, getting ready for a medical procedure out west when he returns home this month (hopefully to put him into remission with his illness) and he is still grieving his parents who both died in early 2020. Hence, the funeral this past July, a celebration of life for his beloved father, who was also one of my own soulmates. He has a weak heart from a heart valve replacement, and that is no walk in the park.

Tell me, in the comment section under this blog, have you ever endured a separation from your Beloved, and how long was that? What was the outcome when he/she returned? What discoveries did you make along the way about yourself? I would be intrigued to know what took place and if there was a happy reunion?

As you know, I am a big fan of the Law of Attraction and I apply it to my life every day. I've seen the massive returns from it, over the course of the last seven years or more.

This road back to Self really is about Loving Yourself. Focus on that love, and it will fill you up so deeply, and will overflow into other areas of your life. It really does all begin with Self. 

I am sending you healing vibes and massive love today.

I hope to hear from those who have reunion stories with their twin flame or Specific Person.

Cheering for you always,

RR xo

Friday, August 26, 2022

Law of Attraction: Manifesting Your Specific Person

 Dear Readers,

I've become quite smitten with the idea of Law of Attraction for MANIFESTING your Specific Person either into your current existence or manifesting them back into your life after a breakup or after they have ghosted you.

One of the people I follow is Robert Zink from USA (Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Success Coach). He is the owner of Law of Attraction Solutions, along with his wife, Rachael.

His teachings give me daily support, inspiration, and guidance for my life. Especially for attracting your Specific Person to you.

What I have learned on this journey with my Specific Person are key factors to manifesting him or her back into your life. Robert's advice hits all the crucial points:

1. See yourself as WORTHY. Committed. Absolutely certain. Make yourself the STAR of the movie.

2. Be passionate about your own journey. Focus on your goals. Your dreams. People are attracted to people who are PASSIONATE about something.

3. Quantum Gratitude. Looking forward to the future; projecting into the future about the reality you are creating and being GRATEFUL for your life right now. Writing it down, getting in touch with it. This will raise your vibration.

4. Visualize Clearly The Outcome you desire. The Wish fulfilled. This person or this company calling you, texting you, writing you, reaching out to you. You need to reprogram your subconscious mind with a clear picture of the outcome. It's absolutely essential.

5. Focus on the Feeling. While you are meditating before bedtime, focus not only on the picture, but how you FEEL about them reaching out to you. It's absolutely essential, because feelings are the connecting link to the Universe. You need that Universe REFLECTING BACK to you exactly what you are putting out. That's called manifestation. That's the Law of Attraction. And this is the Law of Assumption. You are acting and feeling "As if." What if I run into RESISTANCE? People ask one of two questions that causes them to run into problems. 1) When? 2) How?

Detach from the outcome. Fall asleep with the positive expectation, allowing you to DETACH. Detachment is so important. You increase the probability that your Special Person is about to reach out to you. As you increase your nightly meditation, you go inward, increasing the Energy.

6. Good Things Are Coming Your Way!! Keep using these daily affirmations. 

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better. 

Every day, in every way, my Specific Person is getting closer and closer.

Every day, in every way, my Abundance is getting bigger and bigger.

Hope these help you on your journey to manifesting your Specific Person! Stay tuned...

With so much love,

RR xo

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Author Interview: Rochelle Renee Featured on The Bookshelf Cafe News

 Dear Readers,

I am thrilled and honored to be featured as the main author profile this week on The Bookshelf Cafe News site.

The link is below:

Thank you to my readers for your continued support.

With much love always,

RR xo

BLUE MOON: a Love Poem

 Blue Moon

In midnight fields/ we frolic and smile/ Once in a blue moon/ a love like this comes along/ Silvery and full/ Bathing the night meadows with a radiance/ Hand in hand/ You guide me/ illuminate me/ head to toe/ I'm surrounded by the glory/ of these wings in flight/ we're two doves soaring/ peaceful/ amid the still night/ crickets and hush/ kisses and whispers/ careful now/ don't wake the sleeping fools/ who do not feel and do not believe/ in Twin Flame love or miracles waking/ so lucky we are/ like hand in glove/ we fit so right/ you fade into me and I into you/breathless, reckless/ the fresh cut grass is jealous/ as we roll together/ passion, abandon, mirth/ the Blue Moon and love's spell/ our aphrodisiac. <3
~Rochelle Renee~

Aug 20, 2013. .
5:11 a.m.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Oh, Hello there Gorgeous Soul,

Hey you!


Remember your self-worth and your beauty? Those haven't gone anywhere since you last checked. Neither have your cute dimples, big beautiful eyes, boisterous laugh, and engaging charm that tugs at the heart of the elderly and makes a baby giggle.  You have those wonderful, charismatic traits that are not replaceable. In fact, YOU as a whole package, are one-in-eight-billion. Just like a snowflake, you are unique and no one else is like you.

You are so f*cking divine. Always remember that, when the world weighs you down, when that person you thought was a TRUE friend stabbed you in the back and sabotaged your connection with your Special Person. When you didn't get that much-coveted job that you wanted so badly. When that guy you thought was really digging you just GHOSTED you and left you in the dust, wondering what the hell happened.

You are STILL fabulous. Sure, you have flaws just like the rest of the population. Maybe it's frizzy hair or a wrinkle or two, perhaps some scars from teenage acne. It could be bloating from water retention or that unsightly cellulite showing under your arms suddenly. You've NEVER had cellulite, until NOW!!! What gives?

Being an Evolved Woman aka Goddess can be hard. You don't "fit in" to the normal crowd of less evolved people who didn't do the work that you have. It can be a lonely road sometimes, trying to relate to others who don't understand the sacrifices you've made or the growth you've gone through and the higher wisdom you've obtained on this journey.

Never forget your RADIANCE at making the world a better place, knowing you were meant to be here at this specific point in history. You are made of stardust; you are not a random occurrance in the grand scheme of things. I hope you remember that, on the days when things are too heavy to carry, when sorrow or grief chokes the life out of you, when the worries of mounting bills or unforeseen expenses keep you up at night. Just lean into the knowing that YOU my dear, are ENOUGH. Yes, you were always enough. Abundance, joy, love, success, peace of mind...all these and so much more are your DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT. You never had to "earn" your right to be loved. You can just show up as you are, the way God made you, and it will be glorious.

Forget the haters. The ones who mock and sneer when you waltz into a room in all your glory and they feel threatened by you. Turn a blind eye to those who do not clap when you are winning. Cancel your subscription to low-vibe people who make you feel bad about yourself. Un-friend those frenemies who pretend to "LIKE" your posts, but are really scheming against you.

But most of all, pour all that love into yourself, the love you've been giving to others. You are tired, dear one. You need rest, you need nourishment, you need a quiet place to regroup and put everything into perspective. You've done enough for others, and it wasn't working. Now try doing for you. It will be received and appreciated, finally, when you show up and HONOR THYSELF.

I am cheering for you always, Brave One.

With so much love,

RR xo


Purging The Old Energies To Make Way For All The NEW

 Dear Readers,

It's come to my attention this summer and this past week (Aug 14-21) that it is time for that painful and emotionally raw point in the year -- the purging of old energies. Now, some might say you're overdue for a little "house cleaning" or donating things to the thrift store or giving to those in need, or it might be a clean sweep of the friends list. Lopping off old connections who never reach out, taking inventory of those who no longer serve us, who leave us feeling drained or unworthy. Those who lend no support to our goals and dreams. Cutting off the loose ends, so to speak.

I've felt it every year, and this year is no exception. The painful letting go of something or someone who just doesn't serve me. That old connection that won't reach out and seems "too busy" or caught up in personal issues to even make an attempt to talk to me or see me. It is in the GRIEVING PROCESS where you will end up completely spent and drained, so please practise a lot of self-care and self compassion during this time of loss and letting go. There is nothing pleasant or easy about it. Time to say goodbye, and I am NOT good at goodbyes.

Only, since July 9th,  I've spiraled downward into a funk, a deep rabbit hole in which I could not get out. Until today. A friend sent me an article about Twin Flame union, and it nailed some important points of the energetic and soul-tie shifts occurring. Now, keep in mind, my own Twin Flame has passed on six years ago. Trent is in a better place, and I am glad for that, God rest his soul. But still, the article sheds light on a lot of crucial things that are happening in the planetary alignments this week. I was intrigued.

TRUST is the word that jumped out from the article.

Trust is something I've been forced to digest in all my dealings with karmic and soul connections in the last 10 years. It can be a bitter pill to swallow, but with that trust comes the lesson of PATIENCE. The two seem to go hand-in-hand, and they are most grueling to deal with, emotionally. This path is not one for the faint of heart. You have to endure with nerves of steel and ferocious willpower. But when you come out on the other side, you will be stronger, wiser, and more aligned with what is meant for you.

Take a look at it; I think it will be worth reading for those either in a Twin Flame union or looking to reconnect with their "estranged" twin. By estranged, I mean, the Twin who has cut off all contact. In the spirit world, you and your Twin are never truly disconnected. Just in the physical sense, when one has pulled away or ghosted.

I hope this blog post has helped shed some light on Twin Flame energy or simply for the enjoyment of higher learning.

Cheering for you always,

RR xo