Saturday, January 19, 2019


Dear Readers,

Here on the east coast, many of us have been hit by a heavy winter storm. In southern Ontario (just east of Toronto) I am bundled up nice and warm with a fuzzy robe, blanket around my legs, a hot mint tea and some REALLY good '70's soul music.

We've been hit with what is dubbed in the media as "Snowmageddon 2019."

Frigid temps (minus 26c here) and blowing snow all day and night. It's been a hassle for motorists and pedestrians alike. Some areas along the lake have seen 41 cm of snow!

On the plus side, these storms always have me stuck inside and -- SURPRISE -- I'm stoked to be working on some new material under the circumstances. Strangely, I find the winter months the most productive for me. All my novels have been written during winter.

Along with some hot Moroccan mint tea, Lindor chocolates, and coffee, I am noveling along to my favorite music. Tonight, it's the incomparable trio "The Three Degrees." These ladies have killer harmonies and the sweet soul sounds of the mid-'70s. I'm a disco baby, born in this era, so they're right up my alley.

Right now, I'm working on the outline and first few chapters of my forthcoming novel called "HEART & SOUL." It's about my hero, senator-elect, who runs into his former best friend from college, the heroine,who now owns a successful catering business and is working a wedding at the Westin hotel in Portland, Maine. She's always been in love with him, and twenty years have passed since the hero ran off and married the wrong girl. Now he's divorced, back in town to campaign for the election, and sparks fly between the pair! But a scandal hits the headlines, threatening to ruin his political career and a chance to win her heart.

Stay tuned, as I update the progress on this one. I'm stoked for the beautiful scenery, spanning from the east coast of Portland and Boston, to sunny Napa Valley, California where some of the story takes place. I'm already REALLY in love with my characters, and the plot feels so much "like home" for me.

Check out the You Tube playlist below for some music I'm enjoying tonight.

Til next time...Grab somebody warm and get romantic.

RR xo

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