Saturday, January 5, 2019


Dear Readers,

I'm stoked to announce some very PASSIONATE news!!

My love story from February 2012 is getting a revamp, and I'm launching it just in time for Valentine's Day!! The book is going to have a better storyline and will be reformatted in both Kindle e-book version and paperback.

There will be a giveaway on Amazon, a chance to WIN a FREE COPY of PASSION!!

This book is near and dear to my heart...and it broke the 13 year "drought" I'd suffered from 1998 to 2011 when no complete novels would manifest from my bank of writing. Lo and behold, I took a resume-writing workshop and voila...PASSION was born!!

***Come along for a thrilling ride of the senses...fall in love all over again, with this timeless story of the heart, as Keane and Rhiannon find their second chance at love, and lock in their own personal fairytale in the book of destiny***

Wherever YOU are this Valentine's Day, I wish you much joy, love, and PASSION!!!

Love Always,

RR xo

Here is the back-cover blurb:

"She once had dreams bigger than the Beatles. Dreams she’d leave this small town and be a world famous novelist. But heartbreak and missed opportunities seem to linger. Rhiannon Rose has failed at a lot of things, except motherhood to a loving daughter on the brink of teen status. She's always believed in miracles, but lately her optimism is wearing thin. Till the day handsome employment counselor Keane Mitchell walks into her life and gives her the one thing she is lacking…HOPE. His expertise, charisma and piercing blue eyes motivate her on the fast track to success. Within weeks, Rhiannon is hired as assistant editor at Random Hearts Press, a popular book publisher. Keane helps her create the million-dollar portfolio that lands her the job and a publishing contract. Soon, they are swept away on a sea of passion that threatens to bring scandal to Keane's personal life. Torn between right and wrong, neither wants to face the truth. With Christmas arriving, Rhiannon wants to give Keane the perfect thank you gift to honor the boundless support he has shown. Little does she realize, he's already given her the best gift that cannot be found in any shop...a token to share for all bind them forever."

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