Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Dear Readers,

Tonight my heart just hurts SO MUCH.

My idol James Ingram has passed away at age 66 from brain cancer.

This is just horrible.

I was just playing his music the other day. I ADORE James Ingram. His music was a MASSIVE part of my noveling career "back in the day." Especially when I was 16 and I discovered his song "Someone Like You" in the summer of 1993. Produced by Keith Thomas, it's a lush, beautiful masterpiece of longing and devotion. This one gave me ALL the right vibes and feelings of sensuality and curiosity as a young ingenue on the brink of being a woman. I can't ever forget the wonderful, transformative emotions that coursed all through my body and illuminated every cell of me. James just had that beautiful baritone vocal that made the ladies swoon. He could take a song and interpret it with the most POWER, the most PASSION and MAGNITUDE ever imagined. James could sing a love song and make the hairs stand on the back of your neck. He gave me GOOSEBUMPS whenever he belted out a passionate love song from the heart. His way of taking a lyric and making it his own...wow...there are no words. He's simply...breathtaking.

He had EXQUISITE vocals that poured over a song like fine bourbon with a golden shimmer that captured you and rendered you speechless. I still remember everytime he came on the radio and my world would just pause for 4 minutes while I let myself become IMMERSED in his rich, smoldering vocals. Oh God. The ache. To know I will never see him perform his songs live and in the flesh.

James, I miss you!!

This is just SO WRONG!!

I am in shock. I will probably break into tears tomorrow on my way to work. When the fog lifts and I realize that the news is REAL. That you really are GONE. I remember telling my loving Trent when he was alive..."if I ever get the chance...I want to see James in concert." It meant so much for me to share these things with my soulmate Trent.



Though I may not know you personally, James, I feel like I "knew" you somehow, if that makes sense?

Quincy Jones was a GENIUS when he produced your love songs. He knew a masterpiece when he saw it. I am grateful for his discovery of you.

You will be forever loved and always missed.


Your music, your legacy, your presence, has deeply moved me to the core of my being. I hope you're up there in the heavenly choir making music with all the legends...including my Trent.

Sleep well.

Your fan and admirer,

Rochelle xo

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