Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Spark That Lights Up Someone Else's Life -- KEANE !!!

Today is Sunday. The day of rest...when all the "rest" of the stuff gets done around Casa Rochelle. Grocery run, laundry, house get the picture.

It's also the day of the week when I do DEEP reflection on past years and on the people who have made an imprint on my heart and have truly AWAKENED my spirit.

I want to thank "KEANE" aka Kelly Mitchell,  the man who walked into my life on March 2, 2009. It's almost a decade since we first met. This person deserves ACCOLADES and AWARDS to praise him for what he's done in my life. If you asked him, he'd probably say "oh, you did it all on your own, Rochelle. You had the power all along." Which isn't far from the complete truth. Yes, indeed, I have my own power and I'm fully capable of doing great things. Yet I feel in some major way, if he had not come along, where would my writing career be? I spent a long, grueling drought of 13 years without a single complete novel. THAT was exasperating!!!

But Kelly has always been my Northern Star. I love this man. Deeply. Before you go there and say "oh here comes another gushing, sappy romance," no...actually. It's more than a romantic feeling. I have felt SHAKEN and MOVED on a deeper level. The EVOLUTION of Rochelle has transpired due in part to Mister Mitchell appearing in my life, and also the SPARK that created my exciting novel "PASSION."

My heart abounds with ever-flowing GRATITUDE for him. Never a day has gone by where his words of encouragement have not impacted me. When a loss happened in my life, I'd phone him up and he'd listen to me whole-heartedly (even give up his lunch hour) and support me. I've always felt HEARD, SEEN, and VALIDATED by him. His presence has created a SAFE HAVEN for me to unload the contents of my heart, while being supported and understood. It's magic, how he does that. I never knew a man could hold space for me in that way (except for my Trent) but now I've been lucky enough to know TWO men who have accommodated me this way, and I'm truly thankful.

When I had victorious or good news to share, it was Kelly whom I wanted to share the news with. The good, the bad, and the ugly. All of it. He seemed to really CARE about the huge things in my life that probably seemed trivial to others... but he took the time to validate these things. He did it with passion and enthusiasm. I've always marveled how he had the capacity to make me feel special. I love his warmth and charisma. He stands out for me as a HERO. One I hold close to my heart. The one who came to save the day...just in the nick of time. Somehow, those dark days, painful losses, and devastating moments seem to pale over time...the ache has eased a lot...because he took the time to show me in his wonderful way "Rochelle, you matter."

On this sunny, mild January day...I'm here to salute you. Kelly, never stop being my support, because I will always need you.

Your friend faithfully

RR xo

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