Saturday, September 28, 2019

100 Days of Gratitude Challenge -- Day #8 -- Tell A Neighbor Why It's Good To Have Them Closeby

Dear Readers,

We've reached day Number 8 of the Gratitude Challenge! Only 92 more days to go!

Today's challenge is..."Tell a Neighbor Why It's Good to Have Them Closeby."

I want to thank my neighbor down the hall, Michael, for being the one -- and ONLY ONE -- to help my daughter and I during a difficult time when we had nowhere to live. This man stepped up (when so-called friends fell short) and he knew me for only five months, and helped us find a place to live. He stuck his neck out there with me, not knowing one way or the other if he could trust vouching for a woman he hardly knew. But I believe he goes on intuition, and it was telling him to just help out for the sake of helping. When I asked why he did help me, he said "because, you're a wonderful woman." That right there melted my heart.

In Southern Ontario, rents have SOARED in the last year. Two bedroom apartments are renting for $1500 to 2100, depending on what part of town you are in, the scale of neighborhood, or if it's just an older building without major upgrades or renovations, or whether it's a condo-style building, etc.

I was blessed to get into this building two years ago, just under the wire, before the rents became outrageous. No one wanted to rent to a single woman with an 18-year-old daughter. Michael spoke on my behalf to the landlord and got us into this place, because he's just the kind of man who has the power and influence to do such a thing, being 6-foot-4, burly and bearded with huge conversational skills. He could probably sell a pencil to an Eskimo, and quite frankly, I am grateful for those skills!

Side note, I have this weird gift for writing about things before they happen. Michael inspired my book "COMING HOME" -- and I wrote it five months before the apartment was found. I really had no idea that he would, just like the hero in the book, help us find a place to live. It's surreal but really wonderful when this happens!

Without him in our lives, this abode would not be possible, or else I'd be waiting a lot longer, due to the nature of the rental market. I'm deeply grateful for you, Michael, and I want to say thanks, from the bottom of my heart.

Your friend,

RR xo

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