Thursday, September 26, 2019

100 Days of Gratitude Challenge -- Day 6 -- Tell A Friend Something You Admire About Them

Dear Readers,

It's Day Number Six of the Gratitude Challenge.

Today, get out there and partake in this challenge. Tell a friend something you admire about them.

I want to salute my beautiful, creative, resilient writer friend in Tennessee...Ms Lena Reagon.

The link to her books is posted within this blog post. Please support her!! Lena is a kind, authentic and sweet soul!! a major talented not to be missed.

You INSPIRE me, lady!!!

For all you have been through, the storms you have weathered...the shifting sands...the trials...loss of your brother, for the horrors you have suffered...I am deeply honored that you have chosen to be my friend and confidante.

The Universe brought me a unique and wonderful blessing in a soul sister like you!!

You have always supported my writing career... and for that, I am DEEPLY GRATEFUL.

May the sun always shine on you, dear Lena.

May you only know joy, love, laughter and boundless riches!!


RR xo


  1. What a beautiful tribute from a wonderful soul. I am honored with your words and heart. Knowing you has lifted my spirits more than you could imagine. You are a healer. So grateful to have my " Soul Sister " in my corner! May happiness and success be yours all the days of your life. I love you. You Inspire Me.

  2. Lena! Blessed to know you and have you in my corner!!