Saturday, September 21, 2019

The 100 Day GRATITUDE Challenge

Dear Readers,

Starting Sept 21st, I am taking part in "The 100 Day Gratitude Challenge."

Each day, I will be counting down and noting what I am GRATEFUL for that specific day.

Day #1 begins:

"Write a list of all the positive emotions you've felt today."

1. Grateful
2. Happy for extra sleep
3. Weekend is here! That makes me smile
4. I love my daughter!!
5. I feel BLESSED that my friend Lena is always there for me!
6. I feel EXTRA BLESSED that my soul sister Janet G is always there for me!
7. I love my other soul sister Carol D and she always gives me a laugh when I need it! I feel joyful about her.
8. Happy for my pumpkin spice iced capp today!! and Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich to fill my tummy.
9. REALLY GRATEFUL that I have full time work that not only provides a roof over our heads, but clothing, beverages, treats, coffee, and miscellaneous other things that females need!! Beauty supplies!!! Earl grey vanilla tea...chai tea!!! The list is endless.
10. I feel ELATED that I have a wonderful mentor and friend for life who is always ready to lend a helping hand or an ear to listen when I need him. Thank you from my heart, MR KELLY GRANT MITCHELL. XOXO
11. I am breathing. I am productive. I am flourishing. I AM SAFE.

Come on, readers. Let's make your own list and see how may POSITIVE emotions you can list.

Cheering for you,

RR xo

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