Sunday, September 22, 2019

100 days of GRATITUDE: Day #2 - Tell A Friend At Lunch Why You're Grateful for Them

Dear Readers,

It is Day #2 of the "100 Day Gratitude Challenge."

Today's challenge is:

"Tell a friend at lunch why you're grateful for them."

Easy to do, right?

Take a special friend for lunch and show them what they mean to you! Perhaps it's that English major buddy who edited your manuscript faithfully...or maybe a good gal pal who has endured some sob stories in the past, or then again, it could be your mentor who helped you through hard times, encouraged you on a job search, or just lent an ear when your partner suicided.

Whatever the case might be or whomever might be on your mind...go ahead and TELL THEM!! Your people need to hear it. They need to know you LOVE THEM!!!

As always,

Stay Passionate,

RR xo

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