Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The 100- Day GRATITUDE Challenge -- Day #4 -- Say out loud three of your greatest strengths

Dear Readers,

We've hit day #4 for the Gratitude Challenge!

Today, we are saying out loud THREE of our GREATEST STRENGTHS.

Okay, I'll go first...

1. Resilience
2. Passion
3. Patience

There's obviously much more I can add to the list, but I don't want to overwhelm you (wink wink).

I chose RESILIENCE because it's what I've come to know and acquire in the last few decades. Over losses (my Trent's suicide), two failed marriages, jobs that didn't work out the way I wanted them to, plans that fell through (the move to California --sob!!) or people that revealed their wolf faces after dropping the sheep's clothing...whatever it might be...

I learned RESILIENCE...was forced to...because of changing climates and seasons of my life. Am I sorry? Not really. These shifting sands prepare us for heavier times or for titles and positions we have been called to fill. Without the PRESSURE, how is the DIAMOND supposed to be made? I love the meme My Trent sent me before he passed. "You're a Diamond, dear, they can't break you." That man uplifted and supported me like a world class cheerleader and coach!! I am forever changed by his arrival and departure, but always GRATEFUL for the love of Trent Rigel Gardner. Rest in peace, my magnificent music man. XXXX.

Number 2 for my strengths is...PASSION!! Just as the title of my first published book suggests, it is PASSION that has propelled me forward.

Passion to write my books, get up in the morning (even with hypothyroidism and sleep disorder), motivation to inspire people around me...PASSION to keep smiling! to stay the course...to let the world know that I CAN DO THIS THING CALLED LIFE. Yes, Passion is also something you can bring with you to every job interview. I believe it's the main ingredient that has nabbed me the job. Every. Single. Time.

Now, Patience...the third and final strength. Sigh. Had to learn it the hard way. Many seasons of disappointment. Trial after trial, hill after hill, valley after valley, blizzard upon blizzard....well, you get the picture. What was my takeaway from each experience that I was forced to learn Patience? I'd have to honestly say it was just to DROP EXPECTATIONS. Having things pre-planned in your mind sets you up for failure and disappointment, whether it's for that house you planned closing on, that new date you banked on working out (they never called again) or the job offer that fell through (they chose someone more qualified?). Patience has taught me that even in the messiest, hardest times of my life, WHAT'S MEANT FOR ME WILL NEVER PASS ME BY. Solid truth.

Okay, back to the Gratitude thing. Yes, Patience is a virtue, once you learn just why it is a thing for you and why it's good to learn. Because when you're caught in a frenzy trying to do this chaotic life, you literally CANNOT BREATHE and that's when the CLARITY cannot get through to you. Chaos, worry, rushing, hurrying, or any kind of panic will not bring you anything worthwhile or productive. So let yourself SLOW DOWN...BREATHE into the space. allow the convictions and the clarity to come through. Now, what do you feel? Sense? See? Hear?

Patience. Peace of mind. Serenity. Things make sense. Your whole life is going to fall into place now.

List 3 things you are proud of and that make GOOD STRENGTHS for you!  I know you have many...

Cheering for you always,

RR xo

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