Sunday, October 6, 2019

Day #16 -- The 100 Day Gratitude Challenge -- Give Someone A List of Qualities You Like About Them

Dear Readers,

Today is Gratitude Day #16 of the 100 Day Gratitude Challenge.

I'm pleased to be writing about my daughter today. Today's theme is "Give Someone A List of Qualities You Like About Them."

I really can't say enough about this young woman who's grown from a sweet, quiet child into a smart, animator, computer whiz, artist and all-around lovable human being.

What can I say? I'll take credit for raising her as a single mom all these years (wink wink).

My Rachel is an Aries. I am Taurus. That means, from time to time, the "Ram" and the "Bull" might lock horns or butt heads. Come on, it's a given. Fire sign, Earth sign...but it happens rarely.

We're housemates, friends, confidantes, and basically, we just love each other fiercely.

I can't imagine my life without my Rachel Elizabeth. She arrived in April 1999 and my life has never been the same. She's taught me patience, long suffering, how to truly love another human, and many more necessary life lessons. She inspires me daily to never give up, to keep marching to my own drum and to be consistent on my path of self discovery

Here's my list of qualities that I love in her:

1) Blunt, honest. Always tells me the truth when I need to hear it.

2) Unconditional love. It's what I need. everyday. She accepts me for me, and I think only ONE other person on this planet loved me that way. May he rest in peace.

3) Independent thinker. She doesn't need anyone to tell her what to think or how to think. She knows what she wants and is clear about it.

4) Funny. Gut-busting funny. Sometimes I spray my beverage across the room when she pulls some comedy on me.

5) Steadfast. She might encounter obstacles, but she never gives up.

6) Compassionate. I've seen her give food or money to a friend at school who was down and out. She's also given money to the homeless. My heart melts when I hear of this.

7) Beautiful, so beautiful, with her clear skin, long hair and blue eyes. Heads turn. I'm proud to be her mama.

8) Happy. I always hear her, howling with laughter over random jokes and funny films she is watching with friends. That makes my heart happy, to know I've raised a happy person.

9) Smart, and not just book smart. Good with money. Careful at budgeting funds. Clever. Street smart.

10) Imaginative, creative, artistic. She can make amazing art on the computer. animation or paintings. I think she gets the artistic side from me, the writer.

Rachel, I Love You. Don't ever change. My heart is full of gratitude to have you as my loving daughter.

I will always be here for you.


xx Mom xx

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