Monday, October 14, 2019

This Year's NaNoWriMo Entry -- Moonlight Over Maryland -- New Novel!!!

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to announce my latest novel that is in the works for November 1st....for the annual National Novel Writing Month...better known as NaNoWriMo for all the Nano'ers out there!!

My book is called MOONLIGHT OVER MARYLAND,and it's about a female jazz singer whose husband lost his battle to depression and ends his life. She finds love again, in the most remarkable way, and must battle her fears of abandonment, by letting her guard down and allowing herself to love again.

This is just a teaser. I'll share more details as November arrives, and I'm able to spill it.

I'm an avid NaNoWriMo participant. My first year, 2012, was exciting, and I penned WILDHEART, a novel set in Toronto about a divorced woman who meets a troubled musician trying to piece his life back together after a divorce of his own, and he's facing his father's impending death.

Since then, I've taken part in 8 consecutive years of NaNo. It's the most exciting part of a writer's life, aside from getting a book deal, of course.

I love NaNoWriMo for the fact that, despite all the distractions in a writer's life that keeps us from completing a 50,000 word novel (work, family, relationships, health issues, debt, disease, conflicts of all types or Universal complications that we cannot avoid)...well, face it, this chunk of time (30 days) is the only time of the year we can be ACCOUNTABLE for our writing progress. It's the perfect chance to get something FINISHED after all the delays and procrastinating some of us do throughout the year. Ugh. It's horrible!

So without further fellow NaNoWriMo participants....GOOD LUCK on your writing projects for November....and Happy Writing!!!

See you at the finish line on November 30th.


xx RR xx

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