Saturday, October 12, 2019

100 Day Gratitude Challenge -- Day #22 -- Make Three People Smile

Dear Readers,

It's Day Number 22 of the 100 Day Gratitude Challenge.

Today, your challenge is to "make three people smile."

This morning, I got a chance to make the FIRST one smile. My mother called me, asking what I wanted to eat at the annual Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey is a given, but she wanted to know what pie I wanted, and the vegetable selection.

As we discussed the vegetables she already had in beans, potatoes, peas and corn...I made her laugh hysterically over an old story of how my three year old brother stuck corn up his nose and had to be removed in a specialist's office. The image of the doc putting an instrument up his nose and the toddler screaming in horror was enough to make us both laugh. Aren't family memories grand?

Person #2 was my daughter. She laughs at me every day. She thinks I'm cheesy, sappy, clumsy, weird...but overall...and to quote her "Best Mom Ever."

Person #3 was a friend in Baltimore who received my sympathy card in the mail. He lost his son earlier this year, and the card was greatly appreciated.

Friends, if you can, get out there today and MAKE THREE PEOPLE SMILE!

Enjoy your Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and for my American friends... Have a wonderful Columbus Day!


xx RR xx

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