Monday, October 14, 2019

100 Day Gratitude Challenge -- Day #24 -- Give Thanks for Your Meal and The Company You're With

Dear Readers,

It's Day #24 of the 100 Day Gratitude Challenge. Obviously, I haven't posted EVERY SINGLE DAY of the challenge on this blog, because quite frankly, some of the posts were not as applicable to me, and I'm working a full time job and writing another novel. It's all about JUGGLING and making a good balance of things.

But I HAVE been doing the challenge everyday, personally, and taking note of each point.

Today's is "Give Thanks For Your Meal and the Company You're With." This one is easy.

Yesterday, I took part in the annual family Thanksgiving dinner. It's Mom, Dad, sister and brother and of course, my daughter.

Oh my God! The food!! Pumpkin pie, apple pie, and ice cream!!! Turkey -- massive!! Leftovers too! Vegetables of every kind!! Cranberry sauce, the works!!

Went home feeling stuffed. Had more turkey later that night. I might be "all turkey'd out."

Today, I am thankful for the food I enjoyed and the company was fun.

Now it's a holiday Monday and I'm resting, relaxing and working on the new novel.

Wherever you are, this Canadian Thanksgiving...I hope you  Give Thanks for Your Meal and Thank the Company You're With."

Life is to be cherished -- people are to be loved. Don't let a single day go by without showing and telling "your people" how much they are truly LOVED by you!!

Stay Passionate,

xx RR xx

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