Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, magic appears.

I've been blessed to recognize this when it shows up. Time and time again, no matter what the trials or tribulations in my life...this magic resurfaces. It might be a person who comes to make my day, or a magenta sunset that just burst across the sky and stole my breath away. It could be a brand new song just released from my girl Mariah, sending my heart into flight. Or maybe it's the friend who surprised me after work and drove me home. She stopped in at the local Starbucks and bought us both iced pumpkin spice die for! Tonnes of whip cream and cinnamon on top. The perfect treat after a long day slaving away. You get the gist.

When my soulmate died 2 years ago, I feared the magic would be gone forever. I went into a brief depression because losing My Trent was the most painful, riveting blow to the heart. It's been 27 months since he died and broke my heart. Everyday the ache still lingers...but it is much more bearable.

Sometimes a person steps into my life and just makes it really beautiful again. Fortunately, I have radar for when this rare soul shows up. My feet have a spring in their heart a little lighter...the days brighter and even a workload is less a burden because my thoughts have shifted to the sweetness of that muse who helped me feel alive again.

For a romance author, finding a new muse in which to channel fresh material is a godsend. Even more who inspires me to reach for the stars and yearn for the best in life. He's reminded me that I'm capable of achieving so much more than the mediocre life I'd been settling for since Trent passed. The biggest fear I carried with me was that my heart would close up and shut down. But the exact opposite happened. My heart broke wide open, with love rushing forth, like a river, ready to make a grand adventure. In this discovery, I found that invincible summer within me, knowing my courage and heart had grown tenfold.

A heart wide open becomes a magnet for miracles. My brand new muse is someone I needed in my life. To inspire. To relate to. To fulfill a need. A mission. I can't express fully how grateful I am that he has come along. In the coming weeks and months, I hope we grow as friends and support one another in a warm connection. My heart is at peace that he is here. He's got a major project in the works and I've jumped onboard to help support the campaign.

That's the thing about a heart wide open. It wants to give and never hold back. To offer freely its time and services to those it holds dear. Unconditional love at the helm of the ship. Steering straight into the blue horizon.

I feel like a kid all over again. Joyful.  Abundant. Free. Wealthy. Loved. Blessed.

Magic is everywhere and I'm loving how it's touched my heart.

I love you, my new friend. I'm proud of you beyond measure. May you always have the blessing of the gods on your side. May the sun always shine on your face. May you always be in my corner.

Thank you from my heart.

Cheering for you.

RR xo

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  1. I hope it works out . . .
    You are VERY deserving and you have a HUGE heart :). Prayers continue, as "both" of us learn and let "healing" do its work.
    But I hope that if this person doesn't work out, that you find just the right guy to fulfill all you have searched for. With a blessing from "Trent" :).