Saturday, September 1, 2018

Hello September!!!

Every year at this time, I do a little happy dance.

Why, do you ask?

Strangely, as a girl who was born in April, I have a hugely over-enthused OBSESSION WITH FALLTIME.

I know, I know. Stop it with the Pumpkin Spice talk, right? But I can't help it. Something abut the days getting shorter, the nights getting longer, and the scent of fall in the air just sends me on a trip to the moon.

We're in September officially today. Here in southern Ontario, that means hot days and cooler nights. Today the mercury hit 34 Humidex (25 celcius but feels like 34c with the humidity) In Fahrenheit for my American friends, it feels like 93.

The sun is shining and I've had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Tim Hortons is brilliant, although I do prefer the Starbucks version.

Soon, there'll be the crunch of fallen leaves beneath my feet, those familiar, chilly nights and the scent of wood burning fireplaces in the neighbourhood. This time of year, the night skies get prettier. Everything about Autumn pulls me in. Pure romance. Sweater weather. Cozying up to someone you love. I might even be compelled or inspired to have an Autumn romance myself. Wink Wink.

Romance is always on the brain for me, whether in my fantasies or in the form of a book. I love conjuring up a good ole love story. Right now, I'm drafting the outline for my annual NaNoWriMo entry. It's my yearly novel that I set out to write in November. Something about that 50,000 word count just sends the pulse racing and stirs something deep inside me. I am beyond stoked for this year's novel. The storyline hits close to home and it's got romance, murder and intrigue.
I'd like to say it's a hybrid between DIRTY DANCING, MURDER SHE WROTE, and HARLEQUIN.

TANGO IN THE NIGHT is the working title, but it might very well change when November gets here. Right now, it's just a draft, a germ of an idea.

When inspiration hits, you just run with it. My hero is a sexy, adventurous alpha male who likes to work in the kitchen. The heroine is feminine, smart, intuitive and courageous. There's no telling what mischief these two will get up to! Stay tuned for more on Alex and Rebecca.

Wherever you are in the atmosphere right now, may your weekend be filled with adventures and happiness.

As always,

Cheering for you,

RR xo

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