Friday, October 26, 2018


Here at the Passion Chronicles, there's an elevated spirit of celebration going on.

My favorite political candidate in the Oshawa municipal election has come out victorious! It gives me great pleasure to announce Derek Giberson as the new leader for Ward 4. After being part of the election canvassing and Giberson cheering squad, my heart is ecstatic for Derek's soaring career. Congratulations, my friend. You deserve all the luck and blessings your heart can hold.

On October 22, the morning of election day, my heart was racing with anticipation as I lay in bed, the clock reading 4:00 a.m. and my mind not able to relax. "Today is the day," I prophesied. "Today Derek wins the election."

My support for him comes with a deep affinity. Derek inspires me, makes me dream BIG DREAMS, fills me with hope daily, makes me yearn for monumental things yet to come in my life. My heart swells with pride over him.

The groovy frontman for The Professors of Funk inspired my latest novel, THE CHRISTMAS KEYS, a heartwarming, Hallmark style book. There's not enough kind words to say about Derek. All in all, I'm a sincere ally who is beyond thrilled for him to represent my ward. He's an AUTHENTIC SOUL who works tirelessly in multiple facets of a career that is full of heart, compassion and service to others.

When I see someone get ahead -- someone truly worthy of praise for his efforts -- it makes my heart happy.

Congrats, Derek. You're a kindred spirit who will go far in life. I salute you today and always. May your every wish come true.

Your friend for all seasons,

RR xo

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