Sunday, December 2, 2018

Christmas In My Heart: A Poem For A Special Muse

Whenever you come around
I light up
Like a Christmas tree
in Rockefeller Center

Like a kid
Who's met Jesus
For the very first time

What you do to me,
Magnificent music man
You send my heart in a tailspin
My brain in a flurry
Of love
and adoration

So damn grateful
For Christmas In My Heart
The one you brought me
The feelings you've inspired
Too many to mention
Too massive to express

This love is Golden

You've opened the floodgates
With your cool blue eyes
and warm, warm heart
I cannot thank you enough
There would be no measure
No way to contain
Just what you mean to me

So here is my heart
On a silver platter
With a big red bow
Just for you
And you alone
My sweet man

Christmas is here
Alas, finally...
Christmas in my heart

I give it all to you
For all time and
for eternity


RR xoxo

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