Saturday, October 27, 2018

My Forthcoming NaNoWriMo Entry 2018!!!!

Each November, I've been fortunate to partake in the annual National Novel Writing Month. For me, it's a passionate endeavour to get an entire novel finished in 30 days. The feat is bewildering, intense, delicious. Your adrenaline is on edge and the coffee carafe is flowing nonstop! All my nails are bitten off in full anxiety and my social life takes a hit. But to be honest, I would not have it any other way.
This year, the novel that "chose me" is a sexy crime thriller full of sass, sin and intrigue. I've dubbed it Scent of Midnight (and the title may change later) so fasten your's going to be one helluva ride!!
I began a while ago, creating the main characters in my head as I worked my day job. Yeah, I'm a space cadet sometimes, drifting off into my own wonderland, conjuring up spicy scenes that could make you blush. 
Rebecca and Alex are my lovers. They don't like one another at first, and it's an unlikely pairing, but oh when things heat up in the kitchen, Chef Alex gets my heroine's mercury rising!
The setting is a retirement community in a lakeside town. Think Dirty Dancing meets Murder She Wrote meets Golden Girls. 

I'm beyond stoked to see how my 7th consecutive NaNo entry plays out. The cast of characters are colorful and scintillating. 
On November 1st, I'll sit down to draft the first chapter. Stay tuned!
With much love and appreciation,
RR xo

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