Sunday, December 30, 2018


Dear Readers,

As I sit here with my coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I've been given the gift of "peace and quiet."

The other tenants are silent at the moment and here I am...reflecting on 2018 with pride and a bittersweet feeling.

You know that old saying? "The Best Is Yet To Come?" I love it. It's also a beautiful, moody and romantic instrumental by one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BANDLEADERS, Mr. Jackie Gleason.

All in all, 2018 has been by far a better year than the previous two. 2016, as we know, rendered me powerless and depressed with the loss of my loving Trent Gardner, who passed away SUDDENLY. The months following his death sent me to bereavement counseling for the rest of 2016.

In April 2017, I was forced out of my childhood home of some 35 years. It had been sold off to a land developer and consequently, I was given a week's notice to vacate. That displacement sent me to Oshawa, Ontario. Let me tell you. I have never swallowed a more bitter pill, aside from losing Trent. First off, Oshawa, with its reputation for being "the armpit of Ontario," is a depressing place in which to reside, depending which neighborhood you get "stuck" in.

I'm in the central part. GASP! Poverty and working class are mixed with upper middle class people. It can be a sight for sore eyes at times. That's where a writer's imagination comes into play.
Never have I felt more GRATEFUL for my life than at this moment. God on high, I am deeply grateful. The degree of poverty and homelessness I witness makes my heart feel so heavy and burdened. Yet I'm so thankful for the good food I get to eat, the handful of friends I can count, and the ONE IN A MILLION DAUGHTER who loves me unconditionally! I love you Rachel!

The gratitude list seems to get bigger every year. I chose instead of being make the most of where I am. Hence, my holiday novel was born..."THE CHRISTMAS KEYS."

It's no secret...this novel has changed my life for the better. People are buying it and reading it!!! People in America and women are enjoying it and leaving 5 star reviews!! I am so blessed. I never knew a little seed of a concept could grow into a BIG, WONDERFUL holiday novel...a classic, in my eyes. In the course of the 18 months since I've moved here, so much has transpired. I've grown tremendously as an artist/creator and even more so as a human being. My outlook, my beliefs, my courage...all have expanded to a greater level. Things I never knew I could do on my own...have happened for me. It just goes to show that the human spirit is much stronger and capable than we give ourselves credit for.

I have adequate shelter, I have my daughter, some friends, clean water, my health, and something else...


Please -- if you can try -- don't ever underestimate the miracles in your life. Be they people, or small things that happen throughout your travels...keep a list of all the goodness that comes into your path. You will be amazed at how fast the list grows "right before your eyes."

I want to end this blog entry on a HIGH thank you all for being such great friends and for supporting my artistry as an author. I'm humbled and honored that you take the time out of your busy lives to read my little romance stories. My wish for you all in 2019 is that you ring in the brand new year with a bang...and celebrate how far you've come...and where you're headed...STILL.

oh, and a BIG SHOUT OUT to Mister Giberson for being my "heart & soul" behind the project that made my year "complete." I love you big time, my friend.

Cheering for you always,

RR xo

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