Friday, March 21, 2014


When was the last time you made a wish to the heavens or sent a prayer to God for something you really needed, in your moment of dire need? How did the end result materialize? Was your wish granted?

Recently, I suffered a disappointment in a personal matter, and I was grieving the loss of this person in my life; it felt like a death, and I was seriously blindsided by the crippling pain I felt over the incident. Its crushing blow left me with a gaping hole so deep in my heart, that it brought suppressed feelings from my failed marriage to the surface, forcing me to deal with it all over again.

Yesterday with the mild weather, I decided to get some fresh air and go for a power walk, hoping to get some clarity and inner peace. The plan was to go to the bank, get some money out, grab a coffee at Tim Horton's and catch a bus to another town some 13 miles away to see my friend, Renee, and her new baby.

Heading down the street, I said a prayer: "God, I'm weary today and do not want to take 3 buses to get to my friend's place. Please send a driver." That was a good 90 minute trip(with the 3 bus transfers it took one way), and my grief was consuming me over this issue in my life.
Of course, it seemed like a far fetched idea, to have a driver appear out of nowhere, someone I knew and trusted, right?

In the next breath, I looked at the sky and said, "Where is Donald when I need him?" Being heartbroken over this one particular other guy, I figured the only thing that would comfort me right now was to get my mind on this heart throb named Don who God had placed in my path just 7 weeks before. My heart would just soar when I saw him, he was that good looking, suave and engaging; my dream man personified. At 6-foot-4, broad shouldered, piercing, steel blue eyes and great hair, he made me swoon.

About forty minutes later, I had done my banking and coffee run, was crossing the street at the red light, and there was a single vehicle waiting there. My eyes instantly went to the black GM Suburban with the male driver and my heart stopped. It was Donald, my handsome satellite installer, who had given me wireless internet just seven weeks before, and had left a lasting impression. I could not get him out of my mind, and constantly, wished I could run into him in the small town where I live. (Come on now, there were only a few thousand people living here, so how impossible could it be, to  see him?)

Suddenly, I felt prickles of delight rush over my skin. Glancing at him, I waved shyly. He waved back, pointing south bound, and signalling "are you going that way?" I nodded, and he gestured for me to come before the light changed to green. There was no hesitation here on my part at all.  I got in. Riding along with him was pure bliss, being so close there beside me, and I was on cloud nine. Those blue eyes melted me, and his charismatic voice and manner set me at ease.

The wonder and beauty of that moment just took my breath away. I believe it was a supernatural blessing from the hand of God; there is no other explanation for having a wish granted so quickly, in less than an hour of requesting it. Better still, with the one man of my dreams, whom I'd wished to run into for seven weeks. I could not believe my luck!

As we drove, he asked me how my satellite signal was working, and I mentioned it had its issues periodically, but overall, it was fine. Openly, we chatted about our kids (who attend the same high school), about work, and various other things. He opened up to me, sharing important details on his life growing up that touched my heart, and I thought it was amazing to hear about it, as well as a death in the family that impacted him dramatically.

That was not the only miraculous part, it was the fact that we were conversing so effortlessly, like two people with a strong connection, who'd known each other for a long time. Gone were the previous nerves that I always felt around him, because his presence usually made me intimidated. Now, though, I saw him as a good friend and the interaction was painless.

Donald saved me over an hour of travel time, got me there safely in good hands, and he made me smile the entire way there, as we shared lighthearted banter that chased away the earlier grief that had been consuming me. He was my godsend, and I felt my heart swell with pride, catching his intent gaze as he spoke, and feeling those butterflies take wing in my mid section. The miracle at finding him has been monumental for me; I now regard him as one of my favourite men, and trust me, that's a rare confession coming from me.

What a blessing, to know that my heart was so heavy that day, and I felt I could not endure, with the pain I had been suffering. How greater a blessing was it that I asked God to send Donald, and here he was! I shiver with pleasure over the fact that this amazing thing happened to me at all. Miracles, if we keep our hearts open, are everywhere, and we should always be receptive and aware of them at all times.

This story serves as a beautiful reminder that we need to thank our Maker for the supernatural gifts he brings us, whether randomly or in our times of need. I know without a doubt I will never forget the significance of this act of kindness from Don. He doesn't know it, but he's helping with the recovery process, and it's something I'm infinitely grateful for.

When in your life have you had the chance to experience a supernatural blessing? How did it impact you during that time and was it an answered prayer in your darkest moment?

The Passion Chronicles would like to know your story. Feel free to share anytime.

Love and Peace,

~ RR <3

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