Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Author update: SNOWFALL the novella

Welcome readers,

Today for your reading pleasure is my heartwarming Christmas story "SNOWFALL" which was written in December 2013.

I hope you'll enjoy the characters in my novella; each one brings a richness and unique personality to the story, and I had a blast writing about them.

Kate, my heroine, is single, successful but stubborn after a heartbreak that made her harden her heart toward men.

Miranda, the quirky cousin, is funny and adorable, slyly devising a matchmaking plan to fix her lonely cousin up with the Fed Ex guy who stops in to her Hope Valley Bake Shoppe for his morning latte!

Grant, the tall hunky Fed Ex delivery guy/ regional manager, is cool, suave and dashing. He's certainly been put to the test with the elusive Kate who obliviously wins him over.

This novella (25,000 words) was written in just two weeks, and was a breeze to complete. I hope you find a cozy spot on the sofa, grab a latte and settle in for a good read. I will be posting excerpts, so check back again soon!

Happy reading,

Rochelle Renee

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