Saturday, March 15, 2014


To those who claim to know what love is, I'm sure we would get countless mixed versions on the subject.
Love is, after all, definitive on each individual viewpoint or experience. While love is certainly an age-old study, there are many facets to explore, many avenues of love to learn about.

Today, I want to  propose the concept of love and truth working hand-in-hand, in harmony. Without truth, there are no grounds for trust. Keep trust out of the equation, and you do not have a solid foundation on which to build a lasting thing.

I've met people who toss around the word LOVE as though it were candy. I have also heard the term "TRUST ME" by someone who was the least trustworthy individual out there. Why people think the light of day won't come flooding into the room and shine on the truth, is beyond me.

Honestly, tell someone up front why you are here. It makes no sense, other than for your own carnal gain, to be shady with your agenda. If you're a traveler just drifting through this town of love, then keep moving. Good hearts do not need to be played or bruised and battered, on a sick, twisted ploy to get your momentary pleasure.

Sometimes love comes disguised, well-packaged, in flowers and chocolates, fancy dinners, meeting one's child, cruising around old haunts and showing you their beloved hometown, with the stereo cranked, and warm camaraderie shared between two soulful people, who seemingly share so much in common, in terms of love, parenting, life experience, and spiritual connection. It comes with poetry and heartfelt text messages or emails, flooding in like a tsunami, so convincing and beautiful, drenched in pretty promises.

Then the person tosses around the term "soul mates" and off go the warning bells. "We're destined for one another," is the other classic line. Whoa....wait, slow down, we've only just met. All this effort you're putting out is noble of you, and frankly, yes I'm flattered that you think of me this way, but can we not just ease into this, get to know one another, without the fancy lines and well-glossed chatter?

I have seen love come on strong, hot and heavy, and it fades out just as fast. For God's sake, what is the rush, people? Take the time to enjoy the person, and stop the panic and madness! They're not going anywhere. It's not the deep discount aisle at the local No Frills. If they care for you and it's going to happen, you don't need to manipulate them, pull them in with your schemes, and then run away.

Be truthful. Be direct. Stop playing games. Real people do not "score" like the notch in one's belt or the check mark on one's grocery list.Why do some people feel the need to hide, to conceal, or create one big sham of a performance? In the end, the only person you end up hurting long-term is YOURSELF. You create a trail of discarded hearts, a mess of memories that should have had more significance if you had only stopped to care for these people you left behind in the dust, and then you spend your final days on earth all alone, because your reckless, heartless ways turned you into an unworthy soul whom no one wants to take a chance on, simply because no one TRUSTS you.

At the end of the day, let love and truth go hand-in-hand. Be the difference you want to see in the spectrum of love, and in a world that needs your light. By being truthful to those within your circle, you can make a difference. Games belong on the court, on the ice rink, or the ball diamond, but never where sincere hearts are concerned.

Trusting that love and truth will be your mantra today...


~RR <3

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