Monday, March 24, 2014

TEMPEST (working title) new novel 3/22/14

Stormie McClelland has fire in her soul and a tempest in her veins. She's no stranger to chaos, being born in the eye of a brutal thunderstorm that took the life of her father, while leaving her mother a widow at 22. Life has always been a challenge she's been forced to deal with, but that has made her stronger than steel. Always the fighter, it has become her blessing and worst enemy, since women admire her and men fear her. Love for that reason has always eluded her, and so she has accepted her lot in life as a lone wolf.  
  Don Castle is a prominent landowner and millionaire in the town of Wild Vines, a sprawling spread of lush landscape bordering Niagara-on-the Lake, deep in the heart of wine country and the richest tourist attractions all summer long. Don, handsome, suave and late forties is sought after by all the available women in Wild Vines, but he has become bored with the limited selection of Botox Barbie dolls and gold diggers.  When he collides with Stormie in a showdown over land rights, he is awakened by her stunning dark beauty and feisty attitude. Finally, a woman who hates him and stands out from the crowd. He is hooked. There's just one problem: Stormie curses the day he was born, and that poses a real challenge. 
  During the thunderstorm of the year, their lives will change in the blink of an eye. Tragedy will come with a vengeance, people bearing bad blood will band together, and soon two hearts will be forced to face one another, like it or not. Thrown together by a car crash that nearly takes their lives, two lonely souls will find the courage to face all their demons and put trivial things behind them, in a quest for survival and above all, the miraculous healing power of love. 
--Rochelle Renee  3/22/14 

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