Friday, March 7, 2014

LETTING LOVE IN~ allowing the flow of all that is good

Some people have a hard time opening up to new experiences in life, whether it's a job, place to live, social scene, or just someone that comes alone as a potential mate. We get comfortable in our rut of normalcy and convention, that we do not see that which is truly around the corner for us to take hold of, and try it on for size.

I'd like to group these people as non-risk takers, and the others (myself included) are the proverbial "gamblers" - always on the verge of a new adventure, always embracing change. My mantra is, whatever is constantly changing is also changing YOU as a person. Without the evolution of self, one cannot GROW as a person, nor can we reach our ultimate peak on our destiny path.

Now, I'll admit, as a Taurus, I'm generally a stick in the mud and in the past, it was in my nature to resist change. In recent years, however, that is not the case. I have learned that change is good, and, without any say of mine, the universe just seems to naturally "bump" me forward to new experiences. It's sort of like an imaginary hour glass, with the sand running out, and somehow signalling to me "time's up. New adventure starting NOW."

Love is another of those grand ideals that is a constantly moving/evolving thing in life. It's something that is truly a staple in my own reality, whether it be the pages of a brand new novel I am penning ("HEARTBEAT") or the arrival of a certain mysterious stranger on my doorstep. Aka: recently, tall hunky satellite guy to install wifi internet. You get the picture, right?

We, as humans, must embrace change, as it is necessary for our growth and stimulation. Too much change can be chaotic and unhealthy, setting our world into a tsunami of mixed emotions. I have seen people with far too much change happening all at once, and they are, essentially, a mess. This change is far too stressful, as it causes health problems and mental instability, so it's important to slow down, take a breath, assess your environment, and allow yourself quality time to be alone and sort these issues out. Remember, it's not "selfish" to give ourselves the one-on-one quality time needed to repair what has been lost or broken.

Letting love in~allowing the flow of all that is good~ is something I highly recommend. Love comes in many forms, and its thrill and healing qualities span so many levels, it's hard to define in this one small space exactly what "love" can be. To sum it up in my experience, love can be all that is working for our greater good, teaching us to embrace our life destiny, steering us on the right course, giving us gifts along this journey, bringing spirit guides and special souls who touch us deeply in an indescribable way.

I'm so infinitely grateful for those people who are traveling along this path with me; their light is a beacon of hope for me and countless others. They prove to me that even through despair, heartbreak, and shattered dreams, we have something profound and inspiring to look forward to in the shining days of glory to come. We must let go of those who leave our lives, to be able to unwrap the "gift" of the present...the new souls who are here to help us bask in that radiant light.

Those beautiful people who touch my heart, I know you realize who you are. Be it the muse of my current novel or the last one; the friend who messages daily on facebook to just stay connected with me in the midst of their busy day; the other who is out of touch at the moment, but who knows, regardless, we are connected from past lives, holding onto one another without saying a word, hearts tied together through freedom and a special love, without chains.( This one, I'll admit is my favourite of recent days) I want you to know how treasured you are; thank you for the gift of our hearts speaking to one another. My breath was taken away from our first meeting, and I have not been the same since. P.S. the flowers still have their bloom.

Allowing the flow of all that is good...I embrace my own light and also help others along their path. It becomes so contagious, that nothing but progress and amazing things can happen from this point on.

I urge all of us to try letting love in. All forms of it. This is the pulse of humanity, the heartbeat of our order to fully flourish properly. Without love, there is no real sense of understanding ourselves or the world around us. For this, we must be aware at all times, awakened by its power and the healing process within that our hearts need in order to get to the next dimension.

Leaving you now with this beautiful Oleta Adams tune, a love song of true awakening. It speaks to my heart, and she is a lovely Taurus woman like someone else I know ;)  Peace and light, RR. <3 March 7/14

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