Sunday, March 18, 2018


Dear Readers,

It's Sunday here in Southern Ontario. The weather is still a bit chilly, Spring is peeking around the corner at me, and I've just completed and sent off THE CHRISTMAS KEYS.

I'm so stoked for Derek and Ronnie's love story!! This one began as a small seed of an idea for the annual "NaNoWriMo" contest that runs every November and beckons 600,000-plus writers across North America to do what they do best...WRITE A COMPLETE NOVEL!! In 30 days, I had just that. THE CHRISTMAS KEYS is my labor of love, my pregnancy come to fruition, and now that it's time to "birth" this baby, I couldn't be prouder!

As the saying goes:"behind every successful person, there is a team or tribe of people who have helped shape that success story."

Here goes my GRATITUDE LIST (in no order of favor or priority -- because I LOVE YOU ALL!!):

***Rachel***your arrival in my life was truly a miracle. I was blessed with the most beautiful, lovable, blue-eyed baby girl. Now you've grown into a woman and I'm proud beyond measure. Love you always XOXO

***Trent Gardner***the soulmate of a lifetime. A dream come true to cherish forever. You gave me California (after dreaming of it for 22 years) & true, authentic love. Your eternal love is my reason for going on with this career. I only wish you were still here to walk this journey with me, hand-in-hand. But I know you are beside me (in another form). Keep sending me signs. I see them all. Love you Rigel XXXX R.I.P.

***Don, Lydia and family***for welcoming me with open arms and supporting me through my loss. You are loved so much!!

***Hinna A***my kindred spirit since kindergarten. You're the Diana Barry to my Anne Shirley. I will never forget your kindness. xoxo

***Donald A.*** for inspiring two novels and for a lifetime of smiles***

***Kelly M. for being the best muse a girl could ask for***you broke my 13 year writer's block. For this, I am ETERNALLY grateful!!

***Derek G***You're a bonafide star, in every way. You inspire me daily to dream big and chase my full potential. Your heart is so full of compassion. I see a lot of myself mirrored back at me. Soon, I hope you'll know just how important your presence is on this world.

***Renee***you've had my back for 13 years. Let's keep it going, dear friend. I love you and your family. Thanks for pep talks and sharing Chinese food with me. I will always be your kindred spirit.

***Carol D***you helped me through the hell of my loss, you're a Goddess, a warrior, a genius and a kindred soul. I can't thank you enough!!

***Cat T***your authenticity, determination, humor, honesty and talent makes me want to take on the world! Love you girl!!

***Robyn***for sticking by me, giving me laughs, reminding me there is still life out there, and for adventures and lattes!!! Thanks a million.

***Natalie***what can I say? We're sisters from another mister. I think I've had the most gut-busting laughs with you. Keep shining. You're a BIG deal in my life.

***Rob & Lorraine***for the music, the memories, the laughs***for always welcoming me like family. You're that golden couple who always reminds me "this is what love looks like." Thanks for everything xoxo

***Tekoa***31 years across the miles!!! We made it!! I'll see you soon!! :)

***Franny Armstrong***for being a talented author who inspires me! For all that you are. You shine a bright light and bring HOPE to every life you touch! Love you girl!

***Jennifer E***your support means the world to me!! One day I'll meet you in person and thank you properly. Thanks for the daily affirmations!! Much love!

***Bradley M***for editing the PASSION manuscript and getting MY VERY FIRST editor to look at my book!! kudos to you! I wish you the best today and always on your writing career. I'm here if you ever need me.

***Marissa C***for letting me win the Town Crier Essay Contest!! My very first win...ever!! You renewed my faith in my writing! I wish you all the very best in your writing career! You're a rockstar and I admire you!!

***Rhea D***your daily insights, wisdom, affirmations and support! I could never go without them! I am so blessed by your friendship across the miles :) Thank you xo

***Lena R***for buying my book, posting an AWESOME review!! And just for being YOU!! I truly love how "REAL" you are. Keep being a strong Goddess!! xoxo

***Glenda***for being there in my time of loss and sharing our love & faith for Trent!! thank you.

***Margie***for being a friend to Trent when he really needed one!! You are a gem xo

***Laurie Larson***for your courageous heart & beautiful soul!! another Trent connection!! One day I'll make it to Arizona!!! xoxo

***Daryl M***for putting me on the MANY times!! your east coast humor and rockin' music makes me want to get out my "Rocking Chair"...LOL! Thanks for the music :)

***Josephine***for buying my book! For setting the GODDESS standard! For just being you! Thanks so much :)

***Yvonne V***your review of COMING HOME made my day!! Thanks for your support!! I'll cherish you forever!


Enjoy your Sunday!

Stay Passionate,

RR xo

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