Sunday, April 1, 2018


Dear Readers,

We've got Easter Sunday AND April Fools on the same day this year. Remarkable.

How are you spending your holiday? Hopefully, with loved ones and family...surrounded by feasting and joy.

Easter, for me, has always been the traditional family dinner of ham, potato, veggies, salads and pies with ice cream for dessert. I'm the middle one of 4 kids, so it's an endearing time to gather round the table and share sumptuous food. Afterwards, we'll sit around (stuffed to the gills) savoring coffee and tea, while watching a classic film that's been in the family forever. Every year, the Ten Commandments (1955) is on that's exciting.

I've been blessed to have 3 days in a row off work, so I've been resting up...but also indulging in...MUSIC!! It's been my first love since I could walk and talk. I really LOVE the GOOGLE PLAY library where I have my own customized playlists and each novel I write has its unique soundtrack, compiled by Yours Truly.

I am posting the link here for some songs I compiled for the soundtrack from my "LINGER" novel that will be released soon. One song in particular that I absolutely ADORE was written by Clint Eastwood and Linda Thompson-Jenner for an Eastwood film. It's sung by the lovely Diana Krall, and it's called "Why Should I Care." The jazzy, sensual mood of this song really got me INTO THE MOOD of writing LINGER...the love story of Rosalind Baker and Mark Garland. I know you're going to LOVE my characters and their "out of the blue" passionate affair that arose from the chance meeting after Rosalind lost her beloved fiance, Jack, killed in the line of duty. There's something about Serenity, Ohio and the charming town with their laid-back people and English gardens. Mark's sister Janine runs a pastry and catering business, so she's always welcoming people into her kitchen and cooking up a storm. I'm most proud of LINGER, because it features elements of my own life, woven into a rich, humorous, poignant story that will leave you breathless. Can't wait to release this amazing book and share it with the world.

Busy bee here... working on TWO novels at the moment -- editing and polishing for publication. Stay tuned for their release dates!

Wherever you are, enjoy the holiday...put your feet up...relax with a tea and a good book.

To all the April Fools & Hopeless Romantics out there...Keep on Loving and Keep on Living It Up!!


RR xo

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