Monday, April 23, 2018

Letter To A Special Muse

Dear Muse,

From the very first moment I heard your voice (Wed. July 6, 2017) at the bandshell at Memorial Park, I've been in love.

I couldn't see your face, because i was sitting so far away ( the picnic tables by John street and Centre). But that voice! It mesmerized me in seconds. 

The song was "Move On Up," originally sung by Curtis Mayfield. Your band, a rockin' and groovin' 9 piece of pure soul and funk reminiscent of Motown and the Philly soul sound, was just unforgettable. 

How I loved your rendition of that song! Your vocals were prime. Your soulfulness just captured me, swept me away to another time and space. I was catapulted into orbit. I knew this connection would be STELLAR.

What I didn't know is that it would spawn a hit novel.  How proud I am that I could write such a beautiful, satisfying piece for generations to enjoy. THE CHRISTMAS's endearing, heartfelt, passionate and timeless. I'm so proud of my "baby."

It wasn't until September when I'd finally get to see your face. My God. You're perfect. When you owned that stage at the small, intimate club, I swear I was moved beyond words. I loved how you brought Motown with your own flavor, and how you dazzled the crowd with your little growl as a throwback to The O'Jays("For The Love of Money"), Stevie Wonder ("Sir Duke"), Toto ("Georgy Porgy"), James Brown ("Sex Machine"), Sly & The Family Stone ("If You Want Me To Stay"),  the Spinners ("I'll Be Around"), Earth, Wind & Fire ("September"), War ("Galaxy") to name a few. The repertoire is ASTOUNDING. All that "SOUL" from a slim white man -- lol.

How proud I am of you ...and all that you are. My beloved muse, I'm in awe of you. I wish to someday be as prolific and inspiring as you are. PLEASE --never forget that your presence has left a mark on this city, your footprint forever etched in time as someone who is a born leader. The homeless you have helped, the disabled you have championed for. The voiceless you created a platform for. Your social consciousness and convictions are what also pulled me in. I am blessed by our meeting...divinely blessed in ways I cannot measure. 

I bless the day I found you. I can't wait til you are declared "Oshawa's new mayor." That would bring such drastic and fulfilling change to the city. I have all encompassing faith in you.

Forever your friend, forever your ally, forever your lady.

With much love and gratitude,

RR xoxo

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