Saturday, August 12, 2017


Dear readers,

Hope your summer has been a blast so far! Here in Southern Ontario, Canada we have been receiving some hot, muggy days, along with cool, comfortable nights. Overall, though, it's been a summer that I've enjoyed because to be honest, I really mind the heat and humidity. Fall time can't come soon enough for me!

During the spring and summer, I've been working on a brand new novel called "LINGER" and it's been fun.  Take a look at the blurb and tell me what you think! I am beyond excited to release it this Fall. Enjoy and take care :)

RR xo


Rochelle Renee

Rosalind Baker is grieving the tragic loss of her fiancĂ©, Jack, shot in cold blood one night on duty. Drowning in sorrow, she heads to Serenity, Ohio to visit his niece, who’s offered a place to stay and grieve.
Janine, a chef and Medium, wants to help Rosalind heal from the horrific crime. Vying for answers, Rosalind finds comfort in Janine's country home, great food and welcoming family.
Deep in sorrow, Rosalind finds beauty and miracles she never expected. 
Janine's younger brother Mark is the odd one in the family. He lives alone and keeps to himself, but is deeply affected by the death, going into further isolation when he hears the news of his beloved uncle’s passing. Mark, aside from Rosalind, was closest to Jack.
Despite their differences, Rosalind finds a common thread with Mark. Not only does he bear a shocking resemblance to her soulmate, but they share the same bond – a fierce love for Jack – which is undeniable.
In time, she begins to fall in love with the charming town that’s quickly become her own little haven. The old birch trees and flowing rivers seem to whisper a secret wisdom to her...a clue about life unfolding on its own terms. As Rosalind begins to heal and unravel the truth of Jack's death, she wonders if the "odd one out" is much more akin to her than she wants to admit.
Perhaps the lingering spirit of a loved one who passed on just might give Rosalind the answers she craves.

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