Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Dear Readers,

I'll let you in on a little secret. It's called "How To Feel Like A Millionaire."

It's simple, really, and when you practice doing it, you'll take a step back in disbelief and look at yourself with a slow grin..."why wasn't I doing this a long time ago?"

The astounding part don't need money to do it. Oh, sure, money would come in handy...after all, it can't hurt, have a wallet full of crisp red or green bills, fresh from the ATM.

No, that's not the point, though.

Case in point:Three years ago. May 2015. The ABUNDANCE started in my life. First, it came in trickles. Like a drip from a faucet. Little windfalls here and there. Contest wins. Tickets won off the radio station. SEVERAL TIMES IN A FEW MONTHS!! What are the odds, right? $5,000 on a keno ticket (I scored 9 numbers out of 10. Came so close to the $250,000 jackpot). I'd dreamed of California for 22 years, and finally, manifested 8 trips there. All paid for!! And it all began with the BELIEF IN MYSELF. NURTURING MY PASSION, PUBLISHING MY BOOKS, LIVING MY DREAMS, FEELING THE JOY.

In a few months, all consecutively, I self-published three novels. Perfect Storm, Tempest and Passion. I was following my bliss. GLOWING. SMILING. FEELING HAPPY. FEELING GRATITUDE each day that I woke. This right here is the secret to FEELING LIKE A MILLIONAIRE.

I challenge you to try it sometime.Go out and do something you love. Anything. It could be coaching little league, refinishing antique furniture, renovating homes, riding a bike over the hills, joining a bowling league or a running club, starting a catering business, walking in Nature, feeling the surf on your skin, or journaling your emotions or dreams for the future.

What made you happy as a seven-year-old kid? Go and chase that. Psychologists say that by the age of seven, people are predisposed to choosing their life path. We might stray from it along our growing up years, with the limiting beliefs infiltrated by our parents and society, but later in life, that overwhelming "ITCH" will still be unscratched. So please, just take the plunge, and revisit your wildest dreams, your BIGGEST PASSION.

This, my friends, is the secret to having it all.

In 2015 (and I reference this year again because it truly was the "GOLDEN YEAR OF MY LIFE") I remember only the good happening to me. Because, like a snowball effect, once you get that ball rolling, and you stay in your BLISS and focus on the happy thoughts, the good things, the passions close to your heart, then and only then, will you experience the BREAKTHROUGH OF MIRACLES.

The times in my life that were the most prosperous and productive were the days I had little income or was in between jobs. Being an artist/creator/writer, these moments are the ones we MONOPOLIZE, because to bring an entire novel to fruition and have it sent to press, is truly THRILLING. After many months of writing, editing, and polishing, when that final product comes delivered to your door by the UPS man, it is truly like holding the golden egg in your hands.

I feel like a MILLIONAIRE when I follow my bliss. Right, now I have 3 books in the works. There's always some writing that I need to get to. Of course, I take breaks here and there, to get exercise, enjoy the sunshine, take the dog for a walk, birth new ideas, meet a friend for coffee, etc. It's mandatory for my creative process.

So, there you have it. Follow your bliss, do what you love, scrap the negative people and bad energy. Quit that job you hate, leave the stale relationship, get rid of all that weighs you down. Declutter your desk, donate those clothes taking space in your closet, volunteer your time to a worthy cause, get out and make new friends. Let the GOOD ENERGY in.

The MILLIONAIRE LIFE begins with you. It begins through your energy and thought process. It's less about bank roll, and much more about FEELING GOOD. So, step into your JOY, and experience that prestigious club. It works. Trust me.

Cheering for you,

RR xo

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