Saturday, April 8, 2017


Who doesn't like to feel needed?

Isn't it a wonderful feeling, to have someone need you?

Not in a NEEDY or clingy sort of way, but the sense that we bring something to the table that enriches someone's life for the BETTER.

You see, I've experienced shaming around the concept of NEEDING someone.

"You don't need him," they judged. Or..."You can do it all and have it all...on your own. You don't need a man."

That feminist, independent woman badge that people chose to flaunt...I cannot understand it for the life of me. Sure, you want to proclaim to the world that "sisters are doing it for themselves." Oh, but alas, this is where feminism got it all wrong. You see, the problem with this is the fact that women have pushed men away. GOOD men, for that matter.

All too often, I hear girlfriends say to me "I can't find a good man. All they want is sex. The good ones are all taken, The good looking men are either gay or married. The worthwhile men are taken. The only ones left are the players, duds or deadbeats.

Here is where yours truly steps in to raise the debate. The problem with these women who wear the MISS INDEPENDENT badge are the same ones crying poor over the lack of good men in society. No, it's not a lack of good men...but rather, a lack of GRATEFUL WOMEN. Sister, you're doing it all wrong. You want to scream to the masses that you can fix your own broken toilet, you can carry the heavy bags of groceries up those steep steps, you don't need help with the broken light bulb or help paying your electricity bill, etc.You want to appear all strong and macho. See your problem? You got all the "hustle" to make things happen, and to pay all your bills and get bragging rights to "have it all" and do it all...but you've forgotten one simple concept: MEN WANT TO PLAY THE HERO.

Don't you ever wonder why romance novels still make 1 billion in sales annually? Because men still want to play the hero, even in modern day. We've forgotten how to RECEIVE, so we've worn ourselves out GIVING too much...we over work ourselves, wear our bodies to the bone til we're on the verge of collapse. We think we're playing it smart by overextending ourselves and doing it all.

Needing someone's help is a good trait to have. This works both ways. Sometimes, a man does not want to ask for a woman's help, either. Perhaps it makes him feel less of a man, But we need one another, and it is a beautiful thing indeed. That's why it doesn't hurt to ask for help. You won't be seen as "weak" or incompetent. You'll bond closer with those who care about you. Go ahead, try it and see. You might just be amazed.

People who need people...are the luckiest people in the world (as the song goes).

Cheering for you always,

RR xo

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