Thursday, November 19, 2015

REACH FOR THE SKY: Going the extra mile for love

How far would you go for love? What sacrifices are imminent or impossible for you?

Some people detest the thought of ever being involved in a long distance relationship. The thought of putting oneself through the agony of missing someone across that great stretch of the miles and watching the endless hours on the clock before you meet again...just seems daunting and avoidable.

But what I've learned in life, at age 38, that I've had to BEND a little, to get something tangible and REAL out of my love life. I've certainly had to REACH much higher than I'd ever dreamed I would. SKY HIGH, in fact. Somewhere, an airlines agent is counting my frequent flyer miles.

A few months ago, if you'd asked me "would you date this man who lives 2,500 miles away?" well my response would have been "not a snowball's chance in hell."

To me, it's just too hard. Not really worth the time and effort. The separation anxiety is heavy. Plus, where is the reasoning? The logic? Aren't there enough men in Canada? Ontario, for that matter?

Quality over quantity, alas, is my reasoning. My verdict. This Canadian girl has fallen hard for a California man. Top notch human being, filled with love and compassion. He has the biggest heart of gold I've ever found in a person. He's also a hard-working, smart, funny as hell, deeply sensitive, and  doting father to his grown kids. Why couldn't he have been born closer, you might ask? A few blocks away? In the next city?

The answer is simply this: HE WASN'T. He was placed 2,500 miles away so we would appreciate one another. The Universe is filled with wonder. Its massive opportunities and boundless mysteries are there for the taking. These mysteries are made for the inquisitive and myself. I always love a good adventure, and why the heck WOULDN'T I love a man who is not easily within my reach? To me, that's just too boring and basic. Mediocre love was never meant for a die-hard romance queen like me.

Let me share something profound. Some time ago, 22 years to be exact, I wrote a love story called AGAINST ALL ODDS, about a bi-coastal connection between Starr Taylor, a Chicago reporter, and Peter Adams, a Los Angeles pop singer. Well, apparently, my clairvoyance and prophecy always leads to a real life manifestation. Fast forward to 2015, and here I am, a woman in a bi-coastal romance with the same distance and almost identical profile of the two main characters.

I guess you could say that I wrote my own love story, some 22 years ago as a precocious teenage girl with high hopes and big dreams. The real miracle is just astounding. How I even found my "real life hero" is a case of beating immeasurable odds. Meeting by chance on social media in the most unlikely of events, we've definitely achieved something that even a blockbuster Hollywood film could rival. Only difference is...we are REAL, ordinary people with no glitz, glamour or headlines. There's no red carpet arrival, expensive suits or gowns. The paparazzi is not stalking us in the bushes. We live and breathe as normal humans. We laugh, we cry, we authentic people.

Reaching high for this love is the greatest risk or gamble I've ever done. I want to say it's the biggest reward of my life. To have the love of a high value man whose heart is pure and intentions sincere. Who wants to make me happy, day in and day out. Who is my biggest supporter and loudest cheerleader. Who makes me laugh till my sides hurt and I'm begging for oxygen. Who eases the pain of a long, arduous flight. Who holds my hand when things get scary. The man just GETS ME. Like no one else ever could. It's mind blowing. Gratitude ripples from my heart, overflowing.

The advice I would give anyone who is opting for the "easy route" of just loving someone locally in their own region is this: NEVER BE AFRAID TO TAKE A CHANCE ON SOMEONE OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. IT MIGHT BE THE MOST EPIC STORY OF YOUR LIFE.

As always, I'm right here cheering for you.

xo RR xo

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