Monday, September 28, 2015


The soul of a woman is vastly underrated.

We've come a long way in evolving as a species and in the realm of history, women have advanced through the years. We won the right to vote, the privilege to divorce (without moral condemnation), we've advanced up the ranks to CEO or some high powered executive. We even have females running for Congress.

But the soul of our existence is highly unnoticed.

We have a power unlike any other. We are women. We are STRONG. Invincible. Our bodies take a beating. We survive child birth, disease, hard work, emotional duress, and many burdens of life. Still, we come out on top.

Wonder Woman might have been a fantasy role, not a legit human, per se. But she is forever exalted as the prime example of a powerful woman. She is fast, she is fine, and what a force to be reckoned with!

Myself, I don't claim to be Wonder Woman. But she and I have never been seen in the same room at the same time, just sayin.'

The soul of a woman is what I want to address here.

The soul is a component that is highly important to our survival. If the soul dies, then we ourselves die while living. That is the human tragedy. So we must keep our souls nurtured and sustained. We must feed them with joy, goodness and truth. Never letting toxic things invade.

The world is in dire need of more women of substance. Women with courage, heart, soul and a powerful VOICE.

To all the ladies out there who think they don't make a difference, think again. SOMEONE desperately needs you right now. Your impact, though you assume small, is not scant by any means.. Your voice, compassion, truly does make waves. Bring your soul everywhere you go. Bring your candle to light up the darkness.

Let's bring a collective force to the human race. Can we together make a decision right here? That we will let our courage ring true and our souls bring the fire.

Remember, life is waiting. Will you heed the call? Love is waiting. So much relies on our soul. Our bright, blazing torch of hope is needed.

Cheering for you always,

xo RR xo

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