Thursday, September 10, 2015


The world is run on digits, facts and figures. People are constantly thinking, mulling around in their head space, over analyzing this and that. Money, quotas, capital, salaries, contracts, stock markets. Seems fine, considering the world is run on money.

But it also seems we've forgotten we are human. Our gentle hearts tick behind those hard rib cages. The blood coursing through our veins, the oxygen in our lungs, our hearts pulsing to remind us we are ALIVE.

My point? Well, when was the last time you enjoyed the company of those who matter to you? I mean, REALLY ENJOYED, were fully present, turned off the cell phone. Looked at the stars or a blazing sunset splashed across a mauve sky muted in orange and magenta. Were you busy texting, scrolling, and emailing, while your daughter lost her first tooth or son took his first steps? Did you ignore the proud declaration of your teenager when they told you they made the Honor Roll?

People, let's get real with ourselves. The world will always be running. The money will always come rolling in, the dollars in plentiful supply. But here and now, THE PRESENT, it will be gone. You will have missed it all. Because you were in your HEAD and not your heart.

It's no secret I've been accused of being too fluffy, too sentimental, sensitive, REAL. But guess what? I like it here in the land of cherries and rainbows. Because, frankly, right here, is HOME. I can feel every nuance of emotion, sadness, confusion, fear, wonder, triumph and mystery. The reason? I allow myself to be authentic. No one runs me. Those "friends" who scoff and call me a dreamer or lone wolf? Tough luck. Because I like to be a weirdo. Sure, maybe I'm stuck with my jukebox oldies channel and Bobby Vinton records. So what, if I love poodle skirts and saddle shoes on Halloween instead of the typical zombie makeup? Better yet, I'm basking here in the foolish glow of what a Connie Francis record sounds like on my retro stereo. Something about that little "crackle" of the needle on a big LP. Yeah, that's REAL to me. I like it here, in the realm of weirdness. Cause I am living in my HEART, not my head.

You, too, should try it sometime. Allow yourself the luxury of simplicity. Get away from the madness. Park at a lake, dip your feet in the cool waters, listen to the cry of the loons. Throw a rock in and watch it ripple. Watch the baby blue of the crisp September sky. BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT. Remind yourself that you're HUMAN. Yes, you. I'm not talking about Robocop or the tin man. You, my friend, are a human being. Let yourself feel every wave of emotion, every loss, every victory, every great moment of this abundant life. Drink in the fresh autumn air, watch your kids laugh, hug your spouse, call up a friend for lunch. Reminisce about old times and plan some new memories, while you're at it.

That is why, everyday and always, I will be cheering you on.


xo RR xo

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