Friday, July 31, 2015

Living Life With Orgasmic Joy

Most of us know the word "orgasmic" pertaining simply to sex, but in the business world, it takes on a whole new meaning.
As a novelist, I'll admit hearing this terminology outside the pages of a steamy romance is a little shocking. Especially when I spend my nights by candlelight creating such pulse-pounding intensity, filled with the goosebumps and shivers that come along with material that makes you go "MMMM."
What exactly am I getting at, you ask? Well, for starters, most people who live life on the "normal" cycle all the time, just go through the motions. They get up, make coffee, have breakfast, gas their car,  go to a job they may or may not like. Day in, day out, they repeat this mundane cycle, never fully connecting with the core of what it is that gives them their bread and butter. My guess is that they have no idea how to get pumped or excited for the life they've carved for themselves.
Orgasmic joy, I'll guess, is something most of the population doesn't experience when their feet hit the floor in the morning. How many of us bolt out of bed, feel a burst of energy from our spirit and yell out "OH YES!! YESSS!! at the thought of heading to work? I can almost bet good money that you're not mimicking Meg Ryan in that famous diner scene.
Go ahead, laugh a little. It's absurd, right? But let's be real. How bummed are you to head to work and feel that familiar dread creeping in your chest?
I can't remember when I felt ORGASMIC about a specific job I've held in my lifetime. There have been jobs I did enjoy, where the people were bearable, or pleasant. There's been places I worked where some co-workers shared laughs with me and great anecdotes. Others still, gave me gut-busting memories in the book of life. But, to be honest, I've yet to encounter a job that gave me the "BIG O."
That is, until February 2012,  when I sat down on a snowy winter night and crafted a romance novel called PASSION. For the first time, I realized just what it felt like to work in a spectrum that brought orgasmic feelings. Writing that love story was sheer joy. It was absolute ECSTASY. I'd finally found my ultimate bliss. What the heck took me so long? I was 35 years old, for crying out loud.
Let's flashback for a moment. At the tender age of 14, I discovered the power of prose and penned a young adult equestrian romance novel. That little manuscript gave me a feeling of pride that lasted momentarily. Til it sat in a dusty box for well over a decade. Years passed, 13 years of writer's block to be exact, and somehow in late 2011, I met a mentor who opened the portals for me, brought back my passion for noveling, and cured my writer's block (thanks KGM).
Nowhere else in the job industry have I come close to orgasmic joy in any field of work. Writing my passionate love stories of hope, healing and triumph really "does it for me," though. It gets the mercury rising, the pulse racing, the staccato beat of the heart going. In short, I feel ELATED when I sit down to write such thrilling stories. It truly is my niche.
That being said, it now begs to ask the question: Can others find their bliss doing what they love for a living? I would certainly like to think so. For everyone in this social network, I wish the same for you. I truly do.
How can we, in the meantime, bring about this heightened bliss for ourselves? Is it even possible?
Yes, it is!
The answer is simply this: find your passion and make a living at it. 
But -- you might ask -- what is it that makes you "passionate"?
Reminisce now to the days of childhood when you ran free, had an imagination like wildfire, could dream up any astronomical dream, and felt free as a bird, just living in the paradise of being a footloose kid. What did you want to be when you "grew up"? Was it a Neil Armstrong, a Bobby Orr, or perhaps a Steve Martin? Whatever it was that made you daydream and have visions of a happy future, revisit that. Trust me. That, right there, is your ORGASMIC JOY. You have the money shot, the golden ticket, the midas answer. When you find your authentic self and all that makes your dear little heart race madly, that is what you must dwell on. I'm telling you from firsthand experience. At seven, I just knew that I was the next Lucy Maud Montgomery or Danielle Steel. The glass slipper just fit.
I want to reinforce thisthing called JOY. The "happy" chemicals that make you feel good -- serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin-- are the ones you experience during the joyful highs in your life. When you find work that makes you exultant, almost giddy to be alive, then surely, you know you've arrived at a place that is meant for you. Your supreme CALLING is the one that makes you tick.
So get out there and grab life by the big balloons. Set sail on a marvelous adventure. Find your passion, go hardcore, dream full force, make your mark and by all means, hit that "BIG O."
Life is waiting for you to scream out "YESSS, OHHH YESSS!"

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