Monday, February 9, 2015

You Without A Lover, Take Comfort This Valentine's Day

Single this Valentine's Day?

Do not despair. You're probably sitting there alone, staring at your computer screen and dreading the proverbial day of hearts and flowers that is fast approaching. I know the feeling, so let me help you out a little.

February 14th is truly a wake up call for those who feel alone or face the pressure of consumerism ramming the festivities down your throat. Valentine's Day feels like it's on steroids this year, right? Everywhere you turn, red candles, big helium balloons, candy cinnamon hearts down every aisle or heart shaped boxes of chocolates. Do NOT walk into a Dollarama store; you will face a rude awakening!

To make matters worse, there's Suzy on her social media, boasting of the fabulous lover's weekend in Niagara Falls she has planned with her husband. Or Mitch and his girlfriend celebrating an epic one year anniversary, and they've announced publicly their plans of a steamy getaway to a popular ski resort. All across Facebook and Twitter, you see romantic posts, pics of couples kissing, or status updates of "In A Relationship." The deluge of people suddenly pairing up can be hard to handle, right? Doesn't that painful twinge of envy hurt? 

Now. take a deep breath and relax. I am going to ease that dread in your heart. The impending Day of Love is not as bad as it seems. Yes, you heard me. Being single this weekend will not kill you. Let me tell you why. It will be my 7th year without a date/lover/lifemate, and truthfully, I am still ALIVE AND KICKING! As a matter of fact, I am HAPPIER THAN ANY OTHER ERA OF MY LIFE, because of this single status.

I bet you're REALLY gawking at the screen now, scratching your head and wondering "what the hell is a romance novelist happy being single for? Why is she not swinging off chandeliers during hot passion with a stud, firing up the hot tub jets, cracking champagne with a lover,  browsing the internet singles ads, cruising the bars for fresh meat..."

You get the picture. Well, honestly? Being single is not all that bad. I have had the most freedom (no ball 'n' chain), adventures, memories and a barrel of good times...all while being solo. Along my fantastic journey, I've met some amazing people, laughed til my sides hurt, filled my journal with an abundance of gratitude & blessings, and just enjoyed the scene along the way.

Perks to being single? No one to check in with; I can talk to whomever I wish without someone making me feel guilty, or lavish myself with a sexy new body lotion, perfume set or beautiful new ensemble from my favorite ladies boutique. If I want to head to karaoke and belt out a Shania song or croon to Mary Wells ("My Guy") then so be it. I'm not a party animal by any means, but this romance queen needs to get out of her cabin once in a while, kick up her heels and go dancing on a fun-filled girls' night out. 

Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm a sincere advocate for coupledom. Twice married, I'm a die-hard romantic and I LOVE to give love and receive it back. The man who is lucky enough to share romance with me is spoiled as a king on a throne. I'm creative, fun, sensual, sentimental, like to conjure up new things, places and ideas. Love is my playground, and I fully enjoy it to the heart's content.

Can you feel the mercury rising in this cyber page? Whew...pass me a cold drink, please. 

Finally, I wish to leave you with some encouragement. Do not be disheartened because you haven't found that life partner/soulmate/kindred soul just yet. He or she just hasn't found their way to you, and that is alright, because each progressive moment in your life is being orchestrated by Divine Timing. Take courage in knowing that each of us have a soul's purpose on this planet, and our journey is painted with pivotal steps along the way, all leading up to the Grande Moment of meeting the best match for us. 

Getting tired of waiting? Yes, I know. It's downright frustrating, right? You swear there will be NO ONE to dance with this coming Valentine's romantic text message lighting up your cell phone, no warm body heating that vacant side of the bed...but it's coming. You will be glad you waited. I know that moment will be golden, and I can't wait to hear that it truly is, when it finally happens.

For those readers out there looking for love, or if you have already found YOUR ONE, drop me a line...share your story here. I'm all ears. I'm truly stoked to hear about your blissful journey of love.

I'll be here, as always, cheering you on.

Remember also to keep the fires burning. XO


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