Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Let it be said that the chances we have taken in life are both bittersweet and glorious. Some, undeniably, have been laced with a regret or two. Others yet, have been the best decision we ever made.

What chance have you taken that ended up being the best thing in your book of memories?

I have a few to revel in. They bring a smile to my lips, every time I think of them. The first one was at church in September 1997. It was a warm, sunny Autumn, a golden era that I will never forget. I recall the music then, all the songs on the radio, the way they made me feel, along with the plans and dreams I had for the future. My heart was filled with hope and I felt invincible, untainted with any pain or hardship.

At twenty, I was no longer a teen, but not quite a true adult. I was trying to grow into my own identity, and being a slender, bright-eyed ingenue who had never experienced an adult love, this was a whole new world for me. Until the moment a tall, dark-haired, 20-year-old who looked a bit like Enrique Iglesias appeared in the back row of that church service. I think I was like a deer caught in head lights. It was love at first sight. We both felt it. I'm so glad I took the chance on this love. It led to marriage and the arrival of a blue-eyed baby girl who has made my life more alive and abundant than I could ever imagine. Though the matrimonial union did not last, it nonetheless left its mark on me, in many positive ways.

Chances are meant to be taken. Life presents us with choices, so we must put our cards on the table and take stock of what to do. Only your heart knows for sure, but rest assured, it never leads us wrong. There are no mistakes. Just the blind faith that everything will work out for the best.

In the long run, whether it works out or not, is not the point. You wanted it -- in that moment -- and you whole-heartedly took that chance. Don't let regret sneak in and rob you of that memory you once held dear. There was a reason why it happened. Take the lesson and apply it to your life.

In love, I have taken big chances. Some have turned out great, others not so much. I have suffered heartbreak and debilitating loss. But the chances I took, some ending in pain, were the stepping stones to my future. Now, lying before me, is the golden road upon which I must travel and seek new horizons. If something didn't fit before, then it sure does now. I know who I am, what I want, and what I deserve.

Another chance I took recently was going back to school. It had been a six year hiatus, but I decided to go back and receive my Double-Major in History/Sociology. Was I scared to go back? You bet. Did I love Sociology? Well, not exactly. I'd taken the intro course years ago and barely made it out alive. But this time, I decided to bear down and really apply myself. The intro course was challenging because the professor was a hard marker, but I love his teaching style. He's made me intrigued by the subject matter, and I have learned so much about people and society. This Spring, I will graduate and I have to say, though some of the past year has been a real challenge with the various essay and exams, I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

See, it's not so bad after all, right? What chance are you weighing in on right now? Is there a decision you want to make but seem to be having a hard time following through?

Go ahead, take a step forward. What seems scary now might prove to be the best payoff. Standing on the other side of fear, just might be the biggest miracle of your life.

I know another chance I took recently has taken much courage during its revelation. Someone who has impacted my life in a major way needed to hear what he means to me. At first, I wanted to lock it away from the world and not let it see the light of day, but the more I kept it hidden, the more burdened I felt by denying its existence. Here's the thing: people need to know they are loved, admired, appreciated. Someone, somewhere, on any given day, is starving for love and recognition. They crave that simple, pure, affection without any grandiose motives. That is all you really need to extend to them. But for God's sake, if you FEEL it, then just SAY it.

Life is way too short. Take chances, dig deep, bring it to the light, expose it, share it, LET IT ROAR. After all, love is not to be treated like a candle under a bushel, hidden away. Love is meant to be passed between hearts, kindled and stoked, until finally, its radiance is blazing bright for all to see.

Am I sure glad I did not hold back and keep this to myself. I can now cherish the reward of what it means to be vulnerable and honest, letting my heart do the talking. I am sure he appreciates the magnificent prose that expresses every little nuance of my soul.

You can try it too. Make it happen. Take this chance. No regrets.

Cheering for you.

Keep the Passion Alive,

RR xo

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