Sunday, January 7, 2018


Dear Readers,

Yes, I'm a week late posting a New Year's greeting, but hey, better late than never, right?

How was YOUR 2018 launch? Did you make a splash at a swanky party? Dance the night away at a beach side locale? Perhaps you spent it quietly in an intimate dinner party with a few people you love? No matter how you rang in the New Year, my wish is that you did it with PASSION and enthusiasm, because that is what truly counts.

Myself, I spent it with a close friend, and we had grilled Reuben sandwiches, a veggie platter and dip, some nice beverages, candlelight, beautiful music on the local oldies radio channel, and YES, we watched one of my all time favorite movies, "DIRTY DANCING." I've seen that film close to 100 times, and I swear I'll never tire of it. What films do YOU enjoy, time after time? I'd love to hear from you!

Every New Year, I make it a plan to never celebrate the same way twice. One year, my sister and I danced and sang at a karaoke party. That was a blast! Another year, I spent it freezing my toes and fingers off at the outdoor concert by Niagara Falls. But it was well worth it, because Demi Lovato, Serena Ryder and Sam Roberts put on a stellar show.
For 2016, I rang it in at a small, intimate steakhouse called MANKAS in Suisun Valley, California. It was divine! Not only was it the perfect spot to celebrate, but there was a Beatles tribute band, warm weather and the company of my soulmate Trent. This was truly the most unforgettable New Year's Eve of all time, and nothing will ever top that.

For 2018, I decided to keep it low-key. With no one SPECIAL in my life, there was no solid plans to really celebrate to the nine's. The small, cozy meal and good company was sufficient for me. Sometimes, in this busy life, it's best to slow down, take stock of things, and recalibrate.

This year, I have MAJOR PLANS to do something really EPIC with my writing. So, fasten that seatbelt, get ready, because it's going to be a FUN RIDE!!

As always, I want to thank my devoted readers for sticking by me. Your loyalty and support is appreciated.

Stay passionate,

RR xo

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