Thursday, November 16, 2017


The latest book from Canada's best romance author...Rochelle Renee.
"THE CHRISTMAS KEYS'...a novel of enduring love, hope and second chances.
***Derek Keys, a professional music producer, composer and pianist, wants to spread good cheer this holiday season when he hosts a community Christmas concert for the needy. As director of the anti-poverty alliance, his work is rewarding and fulfilling.
When he meets Jonathan Spence, an impoverished but gifted musician, he decides to give him and his family a Christmas to remember. Derek donates a piano to Jonny and offers him a guest spot on his stage for the Holiday Spectacular Show.
News reporter Ronnie Page catches wind of the story and wants to telecast it for her holiday segment. But a blizzard threatens to shut down the show, ruining Jonathan's big chance. Can they manage to pull it off and still get the crowd they hoped for?
Derek, widowed dad of two, is too busy to entertain romance. His important work and fatherly duties keep his plate full. Ronnie, a driven career woman and journalist, had her heart broken by a wicked betrayal and could care less about men. She's dedicated to her career and made a vow to be single. But sometimes, the wonder and magic of the holiday season brings an unexpected miracle you never saw coming.***

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