Monday, May 16, 2016

HERO: Coming Soon!

Dear Readers,

Meet Detective Trace Gunnar, a man with integrity and strong convictions. First, his wife dies, and now he is burying his father. Grief seems to follow him, but he'll rise to any challenge. That's the warrior in him. He dedicates his mission to the police force in Sacramento, keeping the streets safe.

Faith Reynolds -- a woman of soul, purpose and passion. She runs Hope House, a shelter for women, where she pours love into her work and empowers others. Love is the essence of her feminine heart. She's like a fresh breath of Pacific air.

Kate Miller -- runaway foster teen. She's had enough of being bounced around and just wants a clean break. She doesn't believe anyone will ever love her. How could they? She was abandoned by a drug addict mother and her father went to prison. The odds just keep reaffirming: she's no good.

Trace has been searching for the daughter he never knew. Years ago, his girlfriend kept a secret from him and gave the baby up for adoption. Now, with three grown children of his own, he's all but given up on the idea he will ever find the mystery child. When he collides with runaway Kate, the spark in him comes alive. Protective instincts kick in, and he looks to shelter her from the ugliness of the world. Maybe she can fill that void until he finds the real thing.

HERO is the story of love lost and love found. Three lives will weave together. Three hearts will find a connection they never imagined. Three people will discover that when life seems hopeless, there's a hero in us all.

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