Friday, May 8, 2015


Launched May 7, 2015 is my novel PASSION.

Come on a fun adventure of sensuality, laughter and pure joy. Filled with rich characters and small town charm, PASSION will steal your heart away.

Rhiannon Rose is a single mom of 34 to a loving daughter, Paige, on the brink of teen status. She's on her last few dollars and last hope, so she enrolls in a small community class to get some updated work skills and a spanking fresh resume.

Keane Mitchell, 48, is trapped in a passionless marriage of convenience and status. He's been the enthusiastic and empowering employment counselor in Brockton for 20 years. When he meets the lovely Rhiannon, he is touched by her vulnerability, and decides to take her under his wing and mentor her. But little does he realize what passionate awakening is about to unfold between them.

PASSION will make you fall in love. Get it now on Amazon.

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