Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Polar Vortex and Cabin Fever: Writing Passages

While this part of Canada has been hit with a heavy Polar Vortex, I sip my Starbucks Holiday Blend in a white teddy bear covered robe at my desk in the cozy country living room, making plans for February and March publications.

Two of my books will be in print soon, from and I could not be more proud.

This announcement gets me a little hot under the collar, I must admit. TEMPEST, my latest work, comes from a labor of love very near and dear to my heart. It's the powerful story of unconditional love between a ranch girl and a city slicker who's lost his wife and is raising three teens alone.

Stormie McClelland is a woman to be reckoned with. She is smart, sassy and headstrong, but under her prickles burns the warm heart of an Empath.

Don Castle, oozing with money, status and charm, meets a roadblock in Stormie. She is the first woman who can't stand him, and that spells excitement for any strong alpha male who is bent on winning female adoration. He sets out to win her over, not knowing what adventure he is being pulled into.

My second book, THE PERFECT STORM, was written during last winter's Deep Freeze. I am equally proud to be launching this one, as it contains a self-fulfilling prophecy in the hero, Rhett Steele.
Just 35 days after penning the first chapter, the real life Rhett Steele showed up -- IN THE FLESH -- on my doorstep! As a romance author, you can imagine the profound significance of such an event. The very hairs on the back of my neck are standing up now, just thinking about it.

In THE PERFECT STORM, heroine Rose Wilder flees an abusive husband who leaves her for dead one night, so she skips town with her teenage daughter, Beth, and rents a Kinkade-inspired cottage in the middle of nowhere.

While healing from the aftermath of that incident, Rose is caught in the ice storm of the century. High winds and freezing rain cover the town in a sheet of treachery, knocking out power region wide and uprooting trees.

Enter tall, hunky Rhett Steele, the hydro lineman, who comes to restore the power at the Kinkade cottage. The last thing Rose needs is another man to add to her heartache. But something about Rhett slowly starts to break down her walls...

In this Deep Freeze of the Great White North, I find the most inspiration comes during the winter months, beginning with November's annual NaNoWriMO contest, where a novel must be completed in the 30 day allotment. Tempest was written in that month. I have now started working on another, called PEARLS, and I am stoked to see how this story unfolds.

Stay tuned for the exciting launch of my two books, TEMPEST and THE PERFECT STORM.

As always, stay warm, grab a hot beverage, and sit by the fire. I will be posting excerpts of these books soon to make your fireside reading more enjoyable.

Until then,
Keep the passion alive,


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