Monday, December 22, 2014

CHRISTMAS EVE the novella December 2014

LONNIE REVERE~ Tall, handsome, blue-eyed widower and the busy father of three teens, he's got a full deck of cards. Being in-demand as the go-to house renovator, he takes ordinary shacks and transforms them into beautiful homes. Sadly, since the loss of his wife to cancer, he became blindsided, and subsequently swamped with clients, family responsibilities and new financial burdens piling up. He is at his wit's end trying to juggle everything. Lon could be the hero of his own story, if he only he could find his red cape...

CHEYENNE GRACE~ Beautiful, intuitive, screenwriter and humanitarian. Hollywood has finally come calling, and the single mom of a teen daughter could not be more thrilled. Her scripts are wanted by a top producer, so her long, dry season of financial struggle has come to an end. After a painful divorce, the last thing she wants is to meet a man or entertain the thought of one invading her personal space. Cheyenne has come a long way in reinventing herself, and now with her new-found riches, she just wants to runaway to palm trees and scenic beaches.

The weeks leading up to Christmas bring devastating changes. For two people living different lives, fate will force them to meet under surprising circumstances. In the storybook town of Brookvalley, a freak snowstorm plummets 90 cm of snow, blanketing everything in its glorious white splendor. Lonnie is housebound when his vehicle breaks down and his daughter falls deathly ill, forcing him to slow down and reassess his entire life. Cheyenne is all packed for a sunny, West Coast Christmas vacation with her daughter, when the unthinkable happens. Her father dies suddenly, forcing her to postpone the flight and to help her mother grieve, while also tackling the mountain of debt her father left behind. There's also the many renovations needed at her parents home, starting with the collapsing roof from the heavy snowfall and those outdated, drafty windows. Cheyenne hires a reno man from the Yellow Pages, but little does she know what dramatic role he will have in her life...
With the magic of Christmas upon them, two lives will mesh in miraculous ways. Someone behind the scenes is playing Cupid, and two stubborn hearts that once pledged to remain single will face the most beautiful awakening of all.

~~Rochelle Renee.~~ concept: 10/28/14.

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