Friday, February 14, 2014

Letter To A Son or Daughter On Valentine`s Day

Dear loved one,

I may not have a Valentine this year, and that's fine, because I already know that spot cannot be filled by any specific gift, item, treasure or monetary object; I know that real, unconditional love is an essence, a feeling, flowing within the heart of a mom or dad, who has birthed or watched the birth of his/her offspring and carried on this love affair for countless years.

It began at first in the womb, when I could hear your heartbeat, perhaps that jolting kick in the night, or the heartburn reminding me you were very much a part of me, a Oneness we shared like no one else.
Then it graduated to seeing your fingerprints on my doors, the mirror in the washroom, or the little mounds of clutter or toys that invaded my space.
Years passed, and now you have grown into a handsome young man or lovely young woman, taking on high school or the world, trying to find your place amid the chaos.
So, essentially, you can see how it would not be completely fitting that I should find a replacement for my ultimate Valentine, my first real "love."
There's a place in my heart no man (or woman) could ever no Ferrero's or Pot of Gold chocolates or fancy necklace could replace, either.
Valentine, you're my #1 priority, and I love you. In this case, daughter, Rachel, you are my world and I could never imagine a day without you. For moms and dads out there, embrace your little Carter's, Wesley`s, Spencer's, Rhiannon's or Charleigh's...There's no Valentine more sacred, more enduring, more symbolic, precious. These little people (or sprouting teenagers) remind us to be humble,  to fight the good fight, and to let love be our mantra, each and everyday.
I want every parent who has sacrificed hugely, to know they are richly blessed and deeply loved on this day.
With all my heart and love forever,
Mom xoxo (or Dad, if you will)

Rochelle Renee Feb 14, 2014

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