Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Bob Paff Radio Show -- Fri Oct 11 2019 -- Baltimore Philharmonia & more!!

Dear Readers,

I know many of you are from around the world. I feel blessed, this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, that my followers are enjoying this blog in all parts of the globe! Thank you for your readership and for showing the love!

I'm posting this week's Facebook Live video of The Bob Paff Show. The video was at first "slanted" on an angle, but that was just a technical issue. Bob corrected it for us! Thanks Bob for doing that.

Readers, please watch the video and enjoy the entire 60 minute show. It's really worth it! Bob covers topics that are news worthy, current and with a social consciousness. This week, he has a guest from the Baltimore Philharmonia. Bob also shares with us his grief journey concerning his beloved son, Zach, who passed January 21 of this year.

Bob's show can be enjoyed each Friday night at 6:00 p.m Eastern Standard Time on Facebook Live and you can watch the video on playback afterwards. Please download the WCBM 680 app on your smartphone or tablet, to hear the callers who are calling into the show (On Facebook live, you can only hear Bob talking).You can also "listen live" from the web browser of WCBM 680.

My Friday night ritual is to come home from work, slip into something comfortable and make a coffee, to "debrief" or decompress from the long day...get the supper going and relax with Bob's wonderful show!

To all my Canadian listeners, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! To my American followers and International people, may God Bless you as well as I count my blessings this holiday weekend and enjoy the gorgeous fall colors of a Southern Ontario Autumn
I am truly GRATEFUL for each and every one of you!!

Especially to Bob Paff for your informative show! Last night I was howling with laughter over something you said when you adjusted the camera angle and then another time during the show. Thanks for this, Bob! The world needs more stellar humans like you. Quick to help the hurting and compassionate enough to heal what needs healing in the world. I commend you!

Much love,

xx RR xx

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