Tuesday, October 15, 2019

100 Day Gratitude Challenge -- Day 25 -- Tell a Friend Something They've Done That You Appreciated

Dear Readers,

We've reached day #25 of the 100 Day Gratitude Challenge.

Today I want to Tell A Friend Something They've Done That I Appreciated.

I'm so infinitely grateful for the way you held space for me, Carol. When Trent took his life, and I was fortunate enough to meet you just a month later, it was one of the GREATEST GIFTS GOD EVER GAVE ME.

Meeting you, Carol, was a godsend and it was all about "divine timing." Your own experience of being a suicide survivor was a blessing in disguise. When everyone around me acted like "Oh well, Trent killed himself. He's gone. It's a shame. You have to move on with your life..." YOU, Carol, stepped in and silenced those venomous voices for me. You helped me lift the heavy fog surrounding me, so I could see again...breathe again.


Without your wisdom, experience, compassion and deep empathy...I would have been a ship lost at sea...or worse...my recovery would have taken much longer.

I believe everyone who goes through bereavement should have a "counselor" or life coach like you. Carol, I'm proud to call you part of my soul tribe. I consider your friendship a priceless piece of my life -- a NECESSARY component.

When someone is going through a "dark night of the soul" -- as I have -- they need someone genuine and empathic they can count on for support. Your love and friendship has been all-encompassing. You've never told me to shut up and stop talking about Trent. Others turned their backs on me and I became alienated. But YOU...what a revelation. When the storm subsided, you were one of the few still standing there, welcoming me with open arms.

I want to say I love you, Carol. For all that you are, all that you have given me, UNSELFISHLY. You didn't have to do it, but you did. You showed up for me, in a way I needed. God bless you for that.

I know my Trent is smiling from heaven. He's been overjoyed about our friendship from day one.

Carol Davic, you are my hero.

With much love always,

Your friend,

xx RR xx

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