Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DEEP RIVER: Work in Progress

Dear followers,

Let me introduce you to a new novel I'm drafting. It's got a strong, embittered heroine and a handsome, inquisitive detective hero. Mix in some competitive testosterone, and you have the perfect recipe for a love triangle, woven into the plot of a crime novel.

Please have a look at my sneak preview...




In the town of Deep River, secrets lie in the darkness where no man dares to tread.
Jordan Mitchell is grieving her son's accidental drowning. A woman scorned, she lives with the guilt and shame. In a small town, blame quickly points to Jordan, once a troubled teen, with a less than favorable reputation. While she does her best to move on and heal her broken heart, she can't help but wonder what went wrong.

Ryder Armstrong, detective on the cold case, has the hunch to reopen it. When another drowning occurs, he can't help but piece together that there might be a serial murderer on the loose.

Jack Garland, college friend of Jordan, knows she was a devoted mom and vows to clear her name. He's not fond of the handsome detective wandering around Jordan's property all of a sudden. He'll protect and defend Jordan – at any cost.

Caught between longtime loyalties and new, emerging developments that threaten the life she once knew and loved, Jordan finds herself at a crossroads. Can she step out of her comfort zone to find the answers she desperately seeks?

Deep River is a novel about small town scandal, the heartbreak of losing a child, and the redemption that comes when one is willing to face their darkest truths and have the courage to rise again.

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