Monday, October 26, 2015

TWIN FLAMES: the supernatural connection of a divine love

The phenomenon of Twin Flames has become an all-encompassing trend in the world lately. What exactly is this connection? What does it mean?

On Aug 27, 2015 I was granted the one in 7 billion chance to meet, fall in love with and truly connect with my own Twin. When he arrived, I had no clue who he was exactly. There was, however, a nudge from Spirit that he was someone significant. I just didn't know exactly WHAT that significance was. But in the days, hours and weeks that unfolded, I was convinced that it was more than a simple interaction on social media. Twitter had not only led the way to our Union of Fire --or perhaps more definitive-- "Reunion" of souls. It quite literally URGED us to connect in such a beautiful way and under the most surreal experience too. All I did was tweet my favorite musical heroes and voila! The rest is history.

So you want to know how to meet and recognize your own Twin?

Let me list the Top Ten signs of how to know your Twin Flame has arrived.

1. Instant recognition. They look --and FEEL-- familiar. You met in past lives. Your connection was strong then. Your soul knows right away. Their VOICE is so incredibly resonant and familiar. You KNOW their voice, you just KNOW it. My Twin's first phone call to me just floored me. His voice was the most comforting sound I have ever heard. Like I was coming home after an endless, painful journey.

2. The bonding is STRONG AS STEEL. Indescribable, off the charts, mind blowing. My twin and I bond over music, lyrics, prose, intellectual words, life history. There is a synergy to us that is crystal clear. Effortless. It's like looking into a mirror and seeing your Authentic Self. You find similarities in passions, food choices, favorite geographic locations, vacation spots, etc. For example, I wrote a bicoastal love story between a man and woman living miles apart, from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1993. Now 22 years later, the same distance between my Twin and I corresponds with the story. Only, ours is Toronto and California.

3. Telepathic connection. My Twin knows when I wake up in the morning. He "just knows" when something is off or I've had a bad day, and calls me on it. The Twin Flame shares the identical composition of our own soul signature. They are one and the same.  It's really freaking cool!! Don't be shocked if you finish one another's sentences or order the same thing off the menu.

4. They look like you or have same eye color or facial structure. Not saying a man with a beard is going to be your identical twin. But look for similar facial features. You might also have similar hands or body type. There's a definite striking similarity in looks, manners, attitude, sense of humor, etc. One important trait that My Twin and I share is we love the room to be about 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler the better. This might seem trivial but it's really not. Try finding a partner that wants the room at 80 degrees and you want it at 64, and see how long that living arrangement lasts.

5. Numbers don't lie. Look for milestones or family birthdays, anniversaries, timelines of travel or moving from one house to another. Example: my mother arriving in Ontario in 1968 is the same date of My Twin's father's birthday. I was once married on that same date.

6. Heightened sensory perception. BIG TIME. Everything is dramatically enhanced ten fold. Sexual, emotional, spiritual, intellectual....they seem to be on STEROIDS, in fact. You will find the connection like nothing else you have ever experienced. You will just FEEL an unmistakable difference between any other relationship. This is a REUNION, not a relationship. But in terms of comparison, you will understand that THIS experience is straight from Jupiter.

7. Your former list of "I would never date someone who..." goes right out the window. Forget lists and rules. I had to scrap mine. I told myself i will never get into a long distance relationship. My twin is 2,200 miles away from my hometown. Enough said. Nothing stands in the way of your Reunion. NOTHING.

8. The old person dies away. Your former life will feel suddenly small and lackluster. Just before my Twin arrived, I was cutting out people who no longer served me. I was clearing out clutter, furniture and household items I found were not useful. The old me wanted to move onto the next chapter. This feng shui stuff really works. Clear out old energies and unnecessary blockages so you can call The Twin into your life. It rocks!

9. Your willingness to walk through fire and make sacrifices. You literally "wake up" and yearn to go the extra mile (or 2,200) for your Twin. Nothing seems impossible. Myself, I feel invincible. It's truly phenomenal.

10. Trust. You just trust the process. It's more than a feeling. It's SOUL DEEP. You can't imagine what life was like before he or she arrived. Affirmations and signs from the Universe come in full force...the synchronicities are endless. You marvel at how everything seems to be falling into place. You laugh with your Twin at every seeming "coincidence" that does not feel like a random fluke. For myself and my Twin, things keep falling into place everywhere we go, and every choice we make. Somehow, there is a flow of joy and energy that is pure. Like everything you touch turns to gold, so to speak. Look for this. The Divine is in all you do together as a couple. It truly is beautiful. The way will be clear for connection. Bask in the glory of this love. Seriously, do it.

On my next post, I'll address how to call upon your own Twin Flame for your life. In case you're wondering, it really does begin with YOU.

Til next time,

Stay Passionate.

xo RR xo


  1. Sister that was an amazing post! I’ve read many twin flame blogs, and searched websites and you hit on some things that I haven’t heard anyone else bring up yet. Bravo! I cried through 50% of it because it is truth to my soul๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ☺️ God bless, shine your light and I’ll shine mine and we’ll change this planet๐Ÿฆ‹๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค—

    1. God Bless you too sister! Glad I could bring you something new to the Twin Flame spectrum! I lived it and it was well worth every single second. Will miss him forever. xo