Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Everything I thought I knew about love?

Toss it out the door. I have been hit by a speeding train called LOVE and look out, this hot little engine is veering off the tracks.

While I won't name names, the object of my desire and creative influence is one helluva muse.

Tall, rugged and dreamy. Not in the conventional sense. The blood of a Scotsman, raging, passionate, yet shockingly serene. Heart of gold. Warrior. Loving father. Soulmate. Companion. Keeper of dreams. Wants to know me inside out. REALLY wants to know me.

Are you done with my gushing?

Sorry, move over. I don't have time for the haters. This is the real deal, baby.

The irony here? I almost didn't let him in. My fortress was made of stone. Mile high. I was an obstinate fool. Others hurt me, cast me aside. Said I was "too much woman" or too much attitude. I was too clever, too into them or not thin enough. Every excuse was given and every one taken. It hurt like hell. But I'm glad. Cause the culmination of dreams is finally here.

Luckily, he roped me in with his easy charm and transparent ways. Talk on the phone for hours? The man can talk. He pours every area of his soul out to me. Vulnerable? Hell, yeah. Romantic? You bet. He could write epic sagas of love to rival Shakespeare. I never saw him coming.

"Let yourself fall for me. Just let yourself fall." His soothing, velvety voice won me over.

I never met a charmer who was slick as him. But not a charmer who wants to get down....then run.

He doesn't look like my type. I almost let him go. Thank God I took a chance. You just never know when true love is right around the corner.

I had no idea what love was. Till I let him love me. I have felt rivers of desire, warmth, camaraderie, passion, friendship, joy and safety pour all over me. My heart rate is elevated. My pulse has a rhythmic cadence. There's a spring in my step and a hope renewed. I thought I was living before? Boy, was I wrong.

That was not living. That was going through the motions of life and pretending that a coma state was "as good as it gets."

I can hear music. Sweet, sweet music.

The music of the gods. The real romance I deserved all along.

Well, I hope I haven't gushed too much or made you too nauseous over my description. But I can't hold back.

He deserves to be thanked and honored. I cherish him.

This is love. I can finally say "I've come home."

xo RR xo

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